Gift & Go shows ICE the better way to say thank you

4th May 2022

A few weeks ago we took the team across the city to ICE – the world’s leading innovation showcase for the gaming industry.

And when our team attends an event – especially one as big and prominent as ICE – we make sure you know we’re there.

We took over a large section of the exhibition hall with our eye-catching stand, complete with video walls, computer stations and a giant sign hanging from the ceiling.

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How to keep your players playing: 7 proven strategies

25th April 2022

What keeps players playing? It’s a question that’s taken up much time – and expense – for many gaming companies. They constantly try to identify tactics and strategies that will keep a player’s attention – and the money they might spend with it.

Because there are many many different options for players. They can easily switch to another platform, pick another game or move onto something new entirely. Players can afford to get easily bored, because there are so many other opportunities for them to try.

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Transform the In-Person Gaming Experience with Player Reward Software

5th April 2022

If you run a casino or amusement arcade, or any location where customers can visit to play and gamble in person, you’ll already know how important player rewards are. And how difficult they can be to manage effectively and efficiently.
Gift & Go offers a better way to thank your players. A better way to set-up and manage your player reward program and a better way to give your players the gifts they want.

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Are you Gamifying Player Rewards and Redemption?

29th March 2022

There’s no secret to reward and incentive marketing. You reward your players with a free gift. You incentivise them to come back by letting them choose something they really want.

Your players are happy, they keep playing. The more they play the more they spend, and the more return you see on your investment. It really is that simple.

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Are you giving your players the best loyalty store experience?

8th March 2022

Your players expect the best. The best games, the best odds, the best rewards. They demand the best gaming experience, and if you give it to them, they’ll stay loyal. If not, they’ll go elsewhere to find something better. To keep your players playing you don’t just need to focus on the gaming experience. You need to look at your loyalty store experience too. 

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The Financial Rewards of a Gift & Go Incentive Marketing Campaign

28th February 2022

The whole purpose of an incentive marketing campaign is to attract more prospects, convert more leads and win more customers. Any incentive marketing campaign should bring financial rewards to your business, if run correctly.

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The Most Relevant Rewards for Gaming Companies to Win and Keep Players

21st February 2022

Growing your gaming company means a constant effort to attract new players and build loyalty among your existing ones. Competition is fierce and you need to offer real, relevant rewards that stand out to new players and keep existing ones coming back again and again.

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Say goodbye to vouchers: Why insurance customers demand a better experience

3rd February 2022

Whether you’re an insurer or work in any other sector, the psychology is the same. Vouchers don’t deliver the experience customers demand. It’s time to switch to physical rewards, it’s time to offer a real choice.

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Bigger & Better: Gift & Go’s new dynamic Amazon catalogue

27th January 2022

Rewarding your customers is just like shopping on Amazon With Gift & Go’s latest update, a new dynamic Amazon catalogue experience has been created in direct partnership with Amazon Business.  During the last year, we’ve…

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5 Customer Acquisition Metrics You Need to Be Monitoring

27th January 2022

Do you know exactly how well your customer acquisition marketing is performing? To really get to grips with customer acquisition, you’ll need to track a range of essential metrics that go far beyond the number of new customers onboarded that week.

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The 6 best incentives and rewards to tie in with the 2022 Winter Olympics

24th January 2022

The Winter Olympics is never short on drama, and your customers will be tuning in to make sure they don’t miss out on all of the excitement of this year’s event.

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How to prepare your incentive marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day

14th January 2022

If you’re running an incentive marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day, Gift & Go looks at how to get all your incentives ready for a Valentine’s themed campaign.

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