The next time you’re playing slots in a casino in the US and you win a physical reward, the chances are that the technology you use to claim that prize is powered by Gift & Go. 

That’s because, in partnership with one of the behemoths of US casino gaming experiences, we developed Player Boutique. 

Player Boutique is the transformational gifting, reward and fulfilment program that integrates seamlessly with Light & Wonder’s (previously Scientific Gaming) CMS systems to deliver a truly exceptional ‘gifting on demand’ experience for both operators and players. 

Our partnership with Light & Wonder has seen Gift & Go’s software deployed in thousands of slot machines in over 70 land-based casinos across the US. 

We’ve achieved huge market penetration, and we’re not stopping there. 

New three year agreement signed 

We’ve just finalised a new agreement with Light & Wonder that extends our partnership for at least another three years. 

It will see Gift & Go’s technology continue to power their growth into more slot machines, more casinos and more US states. 

And it will help us to continue our expansion into new markets, showcasing the real power and effectiveness of our software, and more importantly, the unique gaming rewards experience it delivers. 

By deploying Gift & Go directly into slot machines, we’ve changed the way US casinos deploy their reward programs. With our software, operators have:

New developments and integrations coming soon 

The next three years will see us build on the huge successes of Player Boutique as we continue our close collaboration with Light & Wonder. 

We’ll continue to deploy new innovations and integrations with our state-of-the-art gifting technology to provide that superior player reward and loyalty experience for casinos across the US. 

As Bill Bachman, Director of Consulting & Gifting Services at Light & Wonder, says: 

“The seamless integration between casino technology and Amazon fulfilment is one of our biggest strengths, and we couldn’t do that without Gift & Go. They help us execute that flawless process and together we deliver on that unique gifting experience, along with the best customer support ever seen in the industry.”

Our journey continues, powering Player Boutique, supporting Light & Wonder’s ambitious growth plans and changing the way the gaming rewards players. 

Come and join that journey with us. 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.  


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