How our instant redemption works

Create fully customisable, fully branded microsites in an instant

With Gift & Go’s simple-to-use theme builder, it’s quick and easy to brand your own reward redemption microsite. Add logos and images, and change colours, banners and text for a seamless customer experience.

Automatically generate and verify redeemable coupon codes

Stop wasting time with manual rewards processes. Gift & Go’s smart software automatically generates the codes you need to send your customers and verifies them in seconds.

Give your customers the freedom to choose the most relevant rewards

Tailor every campaign and every incentive with the most relevant, most attention-grabbing rewards from Gift & Go’s vast catalogue. Because every customer is different, let them choose the gift they want to redeem.

Integrate seamlessly with Amazon Prime to deliver direct to their door

Users enter their details on your branded microsite, and Amazon takes care of everything else – from fulfilment to delivery – so your staff don’t need to lift a finger.

Engage more customers with win/lose options

Add an extra level of interaction to your instant redemption microsite and open your promotions, giveaways and incentives to a wider audience. With Gift & Go’s highly effective gamification themes, you can limit the number of winners and still provide that highly personalised reward experience.

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With Amazon’s preferred gifting, incentives and rewards partner, there’s a better way to instantly delight your customers.

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