How Gift & Go Works

You Choose. They Select. Amazon Delivers.

Millions of gifts

Access Amazon Business global inventory and pick from millions of gifts in every category.

Redemption in seconds

Just enter one simple code on the branded redemption page.

Global shipping

Send your gifts and rewards to customers around the world.

Zero stock

Don’t worry about holding stock or paying for gifts before they’ve been claimed by your customers.

Zero warehousing

Eliminate the cost and hassle of finding space and storing rewards and reduce the risk of wasted gifts.

Zero fulfilment

Save on time, cost and the stress of orders, shipping and customer service, with all rewards fulfilled automatically.

1. You Choose

The campaigns and the gifts

Easily build your own campaign, any way you want using our quick and simple-to-use theme builder. Start with an industry or program-specific template, or customise from scratch.

Then browse Gift & Go’s mammoth catalogue to pick the gifts that suit your budget and your customers’ preferences.

2. They Select

Their preferred rewards

Send your customer their automatically generated redemption code and the fully branded microsite where they can claim their gift. Each code is matched to a specific selection of rewards, within your defined price range.

Customers select the gift that they’d like most.

3. Amazon Delivers

And you get all the benefits

 Gift & Go automatically syncs customer delivery information with Amazon. Amazon’s logistics and operations handle everything from there, shipping the rewards directly to your customers by Amazon Prime.

Your customer unboxes their perfect gift, and you get all the credit.

Build the rewards and incentive programs that support your organisation.

Instant redemption microsites

Reward new and existing customers with instant code redemptions. Customise your branded microsite in minutes and let users choose their own perfect reward.

Loyalty points stores

Give your valued customers the ultimate choice in loyalty points redemption, with a fully branded, simple-to-set-up loyalty points store. Just set your loyalty levels and let Amazon Prime handle all the fulfilment.

Custom API integration

Create the perfect incentives and rewards experience with our custom API integration. Use our smart gifting technology any way you like to attract, engage and retain your customers.

See our gifting and loyalty platform in action

Are you ready to Gift & Go?

Designed and built to streamline manual processes, make your job easier and grow your business

Easy-to-use Theme Builder

Create fully customisable, fully branded campaigns

Real time updates

Change campaigns instantly without waiting for developers

Automated redemption codes

Get unique codes in seconds to share quickly and easily with customers

Multiple reward programmes

Run raffles, giveaways, sign up campaigns, loyalty schemes and more

Global publication, Global distribution

Publish your campaigns simultaneously, anywhere in the world on the Gift & Go loyalty platform

With Amazon’s preferred gifting platform, there’s a better way to say thank you to your customers.

Are you ready to Gift & Go?