We deliver happiness

We’re thoughtful, we’re focused and we’re committed to working hard, always gifting, always on the go. We’re always helping our clients so they can help their customers.

That way everyone gets that little bit of happiness they deserve:

Your staff get

A brilliant, simple-to-use, hassle-free platform

Your business gets

More happy, satisfied customers who stick around

Your customers get

A gift or reward that’s actually valuable

Gifting shouldn’t be complicated

Multiple corporate credit cards. Multiple staff members buying who knows what. Multiple deliveries to organise. Not to mention all the stock problems, storage issues and the never-ending customer service. That’s not how gifting should be.

There’s a better way to gift

We knew there was a better way. We knew we could ditch the manual processes and reduce all the cost associated with stocking, storage and fulfilment. Even better, we could ditch the generic gifts and deliver rewards that our customers actually wanted to unbox and enjoy.

There’s a better way to say thank you

So we built an entire technology platform from scratch to change the way we gift. We streamlined and simplified the entire process. And we made gifting quick, easy and personal again. The better way to say thank you.

Trust us to build trust with your customers


“At Playtech, ensuring our customers receive the best possible experience is what drives us! Being able to surprise and delight them with gifts is key to maintaining a positive relationship and using the Gift & Go platform to effectively build global customer campaigns has been a game changer for us. The simple structure of this tool has meant we can send fantastic gifts to our customers, saved us so much time and resulted in really positive feedback!”


“Gift and Go offer us a unique solution for gifting and rewards.

I have worked with them for almost a year and their team is always friendly, flexible and willing to assist when needed.

They constantly strive to improve and to find new ways of making their services as valuable as possible.”


We’re recommended by Amazon as their preferred gifting and rewards partner.

We partner with Amazon so you get the biggest choice and the best service. For each and every gift. Each and every time.

With Amazon’s preferred gifting, incentives and rewards partner, there’s a better way to say thank you.

Are you ready to Gift & Go?