Attract & Acquire

Convince more customers to engage and buy with easy to create, easy to manage promotions and incentive campaigns. With access to millions of products via Amazon Business and other suppliers, you and your team can choose the gifts most likely to convert your target audience.

Grow your business with Customer Acquisition Campaigns  

Reward & Retain

Keep your customers engaged, happy and loyal with meaningful rewards and incentives. Why send a meaningless thank you gift when you can browse millions of options and let your customer choose the thank you that matters to them?

Boost your customer lifetime value with Reward and Loyalty Programs

The all-in-one gifting, incentive and rewards solution

Put your team in control and your customers at the heart of every promotion with Gift & Go’s unrivalled gifting software. Run incentive and rewards campaigns any way you like, all in-house. You choose the program, the design and the gifts… and our software takes care of everything else.



Sign up campaigns



Loyalty programs

The gifting software that works for you

Zero stock

Eliminate the risk of buying and holding gifts that customers don’t want. Gift & Go makes sure you never have to purchase stock until your customer claims a specific gift.

Zero warehousing

Remove the costs and complications of storing products on-site or in third-party warehouses. Gift & Go makes sure you never have to worry about any storage costs or logistics.

Zero fulfilment

Take all the hassle out of ordering and shipping gifts and rewards to your customers. Gift & Go makes sure Amazon Prime handles every fulfilment detail on your behalf.

A happier way to promote

Promoting incentives shouldn’t be hard work. With Gift & Go, your customer acquisition campaigns are simple and effective. It’s quick and easy to build your own campaigns, manage promotions and run the offers that you know will work.

A happier way to reward

We all know it’s far easier (and cheaper) to retain customers than win new ones. With Gift & Go, your reward and loyalty programs are easy to run and quick to deliver results. Choose from millions of gifts – big and small – and make sure your customers get real, relevant rewards to keep them engaged.

Happy clients, happy customers

Hard Rock

“Generating a rewarding experience for our guests is our number one priority. Working with Gift & Go technology, our loyal guests are able to pick from a huge selection of products from Amazon Business. Prime shipping is so efficient that our guests’ gifts are shipped to their houses before they leave the hotel!”

Hard Rock

“At Playtech, ensuring our customers receive the best possible experience is what drives us! Being able to surprise and delight them with gifts is key to maintaining a positive relationship and using the Gift & Go platform to effectively build global customer campaigns has been a game changer for us. The simple structure of this tool has meant we can send fantastic gifts to our customers, saved us so much time and resulted in really positive feedback!”


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