In a hyper competitive, candidate-dominated market, attracting, engaging and retaining employees is a top priority for businesses big and small. You can’t grow without the right team supporting you.

To keep that team happy, you need to reward their commitment and thank them for the work they do. You’ll want to recognise their contributions and show your appreciation. And you’ll be looking for ways to make working for your company as attractive as possible to potential hires. 

That’s why employee rewards are one of the most in-demand services in HR. 

But not all employee rewards are created equal. Many come with logistical challenges, and many don’t do what they’re supposed to. 

Only one harnesses the power of Amazon Business. 

The challenge with traditional employee rewards 

Although more and more companies are prioritising HR reward programmes, the traditional options aren’t particularly appealing. 

They’re expensive, they’re rigid, and they’re often impersonal. 

Sure, employees like having extra cash in their hands. But when candidates have a choice of where to work, a bigger salary isn’t everything. If it was, you’d just increase wages and bonuses, and forget about an employee reward scheme. 

That doesn’t work, because employees aren’t solely focused on monetary rewards. They want to be appreciated, to be recognised and rewarded based on the work they do and the value they bring. 

They don’t want boring and bland employee rewards that they could get anywhere, like a small cash incentive, an extra day off, or a voucher for a local restaurant. 

Gift vouchers don’t work as well as you might think. There are 7 reasons why you should avoid gift cards when attracting new customers… and those same reasons apply for your employees. 

They’re predictable. They lack thought. They go unspent. And they lack any personal or physical connection to your company. 

Luckily, there’s a better way to reward your employees. 

Reward your employees with real, relevant gifts

If you really want to attract new employees, engage existing staff, increase company loyalty and retain your top workers, you need to thank them with the rewards they actually want. 

Real, relevant, physical gifts. Gifts on demand. 

But that can still be a challenge:. 

Unless you use Gift & Go. 

Gift & Go is the gifting-on-demand software that lets you reward your employees your way by harnessing the power of Amazon. 

Employee rewards powered by Amazon

With a powerful Amazon Business integration, Gift & Go lets you select from millions of rewards to give your team the gifts they actually want. 

Better still, it gives your employees the freedom to choose their own rewards. 

Simply browse the mammoth Amazon catalogue and select up to 2000 unique products you’d like to offer your employees. Categorise them, set tier levels and reward requirements, and then you’re good to go. 

When a team member reaches the reward threshold – or gets given an on the spot reward – they simply:

You and your HR team never need to worry about stock, storage or shipping. No upfront costs, no guessing about the right gifts to stock, no need to worry about delivery logistics. 

They’re all taken care of via the Amazon integration. 

Try Gift & Go and Amazon Business to reward your employees

When you transform your HR reward program with Gift & Go, you’ll show your employees how appreciated they are. 

You’ll streamline all the management and organisation of your rewards, reducing time, effort and costs. 

And you’ll improve the effectiveness of your employee recognition and reward efforts by: 

With Gift & Go, you can truly reward your employees with the real, valuable, relevant gifts that they actually want. Personalised and localised, wherever in the world they work. 

You’ll thank them and they’ll thank you. 

Book a demo of Gift & Go.


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