Creating and distributing gift redemption codes can often be the most time consuming part of any reward program. It takes forward planning. It takes organisation. And it can also take a little guesswork if you’re unsure how many codes you’ll actually need. 

You need to decide in advance:

That’s all easily doable, but it does take a little more time. And it could leave your player reward program a little rigid. 

What if there was a way to bring more flexibility into your rewards and incentives? 

What if there was a way to eliminate that advanced planning? 

What if you could reward players based on their personal experiences and interactions… in real-time? 

Now there is. 


True gifting-on-demand with Gift & Go’s new API features 

The latest release from Gift & Go’s state-of-the-art gifting software gives companies the ability to simply and seamlessly create gifting and redemption codes in real time. 

It means organisations can build truly unique, fully customised gifting experiences that reward their customers on-demand. 

No more advance planning. No more limitations. 

Full, complete flexibility on how, when and where you reward your players. 

How does gifting-on-demand work?

Gift & Go’s new API works by integrating within any existing processes, workflows or customer journeys that you already have in place. 

Whenever a relevant reward or incentive action is triggered, it automatically calls Gift & Go’s systems to create a unique URL that’s instantly shared with your player for immediate redemption. 

For example, our new gifting-on-demand API could be used to automatically reward players when they: 

There’s no limit to the number of actions that can be set to trigger a gifting-on-demand experience. 

It’s a true plug-and-play reward programme. Once you’ve set up any desired parameters, your entire gifting experience can be automated, rewarding playing in real time, on-demand. It’s a true gift and go system. 

Personalising Playtech’s Player Journey 

The new gifting-on-demand API is already being used by some of the world’s biggest gaming companies to transform their player reward experiences. 

With Gift & Go now fully integrated into Playtech, licensees are creating their own unique Player Journeys with a whole host of customised gifting triggers. 

It gives organisations more control, more flexibility and more personalisation over every part of their reward programmes. 

They decide when and where they’d like to trigger an incentive or reward along their player journey (often in multiple places), and Gift & Go handles everything else. Automatic, on-demand code generation, seamless redemption experience, super-fast fulfilment. 

Whatever system you’re currently using, on-site or online, Gift & Go’s advanced gifting platform and revolutionary API integrates simply so you can quickly and easily curate a true, fully customised, on-demand gifting experience.

See for yourself. 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.

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