If you’re busy deploying your essential Christmas gifting strategy to help you attract and retain more customers and more players this festive period, you’ll want to know exactly what kind of gifts and rewards you should be offering. 

What’s the hottest tech this year? The most sought-after homeware? And those unique presents that will truly delight anyone who unwraps them? 

Choosing the right rewards is no easy task, but our list of the top 10 essential Christmas gifts (based on all the latest incentive and rewards data) will help you give your new prospects and loyal customers the very best options. 

The latest iPhone (or Galaxy)

At the top of many a wish list, the latest mobile devices – whether that’s an iPhone 14 or a Galaxy S22 – are always in high demand. 

If your gifting budget can stretch this far, a top-of-the-range phone is an incredible reward for your most loyal, most valued customers or players. 

Of course alongside the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you’ll also find some great deals on previous models to suit more modest budgets and still offer great rewards this Christmas. 

Playstation 5 

One of the most in-demand gifts last year remains a must-have this year. The PS5 is a stunning top tier reward for any player and is sure to secure their loyalty. 

For lower tier rewards, PS5 game bundles and controllers will also make a great addition to your Christmas gifting strategy. 

Xbox Series X

Alongside the PS5, the Xbox Series X is still a highly sought after gaming console. Offer it as one of your rewards this year, and your players and customers will definitely thank you. 

As well as games and controllers to support it, with gifting software like Gift & Go you could also add a whole host of additional rewards, including gaming chairs, headphones and TV screens.

Retro Game Console 

If you want to surprise both new and existing players this year with your reward campaigns, a Retro Game Console makes for a fun and exciting Christmas gift. 

With tons of retro games all pre-loaded, there’s something for everyone with a reward that offers exceptional value for money for your gifting budget. 

Bella Pro Series Digital Air Fryer

For those who love their home gadgets, the Bella Pro Series Digital Air Fryer is the must have kitchen device this Christmas.

It broils, bakes, roasts, dehydrates, re-heats and of course fries almost any food you can think of. Perfect for every type of cook, whether they’re crafting a masterpiece or short on time. 

Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

As we’re all spending more and more time sitting down, looking at screens and dealing with the stresses of modern life, it’s hardly surprising that massaging devices feature prominently on Christmas wish lists. 

The Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager is one of our top recommendations. A great piece of technology, it’s a superb gift for your festive incentive and reward programme thanks to its excellent value and ease of use. 

Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro

A nutri-blender is another great addition to your gift list this Christmas to attract and retain those who love their kitchen gadgets and those who are health conscious. 

Top of our list is the Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro with Auto iQ, since it’s packed with all the technology anyone could use and has a brilliant reputation. 

Philips Sonicare Protective Clean Toothbrush

They’re on Christmas lists every year, because they’re always such a useful, relevant gift. Stick a top-of-the-range electric toothbrush on into your festive reward program, and your players will thank you. 

Our recommendation is the Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 6100, since it’s from one of the leading brands, has a long battery life and features a range of cleaning modes. 

Cooler Backpack 

Whether your players are into hiking, tailgating, camping or just need a comfortable and convenient way to get groceries home, these Cooler Backpacks are all the rage. 

Lightweight, leakproof and holding 30 cans, they might not be the typical type of gift you’d find on Christmas reward programs, but they could be just what your customers are looking for. 

A Bonsai Tree

Houseplants have surged in popularity over the last couple of years, setting trends left, right and centre. Add one or two to your Christmas reward list and they’ll go down a treat with your players.

A Bonsai Tree, for example, is a great gift that’ll stand out from all other plain, boring rewards to really attract and retain your user base. 

But don’t just pick one, two or even ten gifts

If you really want your Christmas gifting and reward strategy to be successful this year, don’t limit your offer to just one or two gift options. Don’t even limit it to a top 10. 

Give your players the freedom to choose their own Christmas gifts from dozens of options – every size, every colour, every spec. 

Gifting software like Gift & Go lets you do just that. You don’t need to choose which gifts you’re going to reward your players or customers with this year – you can let them choose themselves. 

See how it can help transform your customer acquisition and retention efforts over the festive period with our free Christmas Gifting Strategy guide, or see it action yourself:

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.  


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