When you want to give your players the best possible sign up, gameplay and reward experience from start to finish, you need a single connected platform. 

Of course separate player acquisition platforms, player engagement tools and player reward programs are all fine. They can all work together just fine. 

With some time and effort, you’ll find workarounds and manual processes to tie them together and deliver a good experience for your players. But is ‘good’ good enough?

By making all your player data, insights and processes easily accessible within a single platform, you’ll open up a whole new world of gifting and reward possibilities. 

Why do you need to connect your player acquisition, gaming and rewards?

Multiple, disconnected systems bring plenty of challenges to your ideal player journey, there are no two ways about it. 

The challenges can all be overcome, but they take time and planning, effort and investment. You might need to create workarounds, develop manual processes or adapt your existing workflows to fit within each of the different platforms you’re using: 

Each stage generates unique player data. Each platform requires manual oversight. And each step in the player journey is distinct and separate from the next. 

There isn’t a single connected journey. 

And that can lead to problems.

The problems with multiple, disconnected platforms 

Multiple platforms mean multiple opportunities for problems to arise in your player journey. That could include: 

Whichever way you approach it, there will always be a disconnect when you’re using multiple platforms. And unless you’re very careful, that can lead to slow, clunky processes and experiences for players at best, or a total breakdown of the player journey at worst. 

What can a single, connected gaming and gifting platform do?

A single, connected gaming platform can banish that disjointed approach to your player journey. It eliminates the gaps between player acquisition, player engagement, player management and player rewards. 

It makes sure they all work together in one seamless flow. 

A platform that can manage your players’ gaming, gifting and reward experiences together will help you: 

The value of a single, inter-connected platform 

With a single gaming and gifting platform, you’ll seamlessly connect all your player attraction, all your player engagement and all your player rewards. 

You’ll automate gifting and rewards for every single one of your players – regardless of where they are on the journey. 

You’ll increase sign-ups, improve participation and boost retention. 

Most importantly, a single connected gaming and gifting platform helps you deliver a truly exceptional player journey. 

Simple, streamlined, automated – a superior player experience. 

That’s what the Gift & Go integration with Playtech’s Player Journey delivers. 

It’s what our API can do when it syncs seamlessly with your existing set-up.

And it’s what Gift & Go can do for your gaming organisation.

See how you can unlock the value of a single platform for connected gifting and gaming:

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.

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