There are many different ways to increase participation in your casino, from player reward programs to free giveaways, unique gaming platforms to one-of-a-kind attractions. 

But one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase casino participation is through gifting and reward software. 

Software that can entice new players, keep existing ones playing for longer and minimise walk-out rates… for a fraction of the investment of other participation-increasing strategies. 

The most effective gifting software: 

Attracts new players through your doors

Gifting software can increase casino participation simply by enticing passing foot traffic onto your gaming floor and encouraging new players to sit down at a gaming device. 

With dynamic product progress bars that are pre-filled and ready to be claimed, you’ll attract new players and reward new sign-ups to your player program. They enter their details and claim a free gift. You capture key prospect information and encourage players to keep playing

And you don’t need to worry about stocking those free giveaways. Gifting software makes managing your new player incentives simple and hassle-free. 

Better still, it lets players choose their own free gift – one they really want. That builds goodwill and increases the likelihood of further participation… more than any generic free drink or free play coupon ever could. 

Increase time spent on device

Those dynamic product progress bars can also be used to encourage players to keep playing, increasing participation in your casino. 

Players could claim a free gift now, or they could see their 75%… 85%… 95% progress to a bigger, better gift – and keep playing for that. 

When players reach that gifting tier threshold, they can redeem or keep playing for higher value rewards. It’s simple, highly effective loyalty reward software that keeps players playing. 

And when your players see how quick and easy the gift redemption process is – straight from their gaming device – they’re also far more likely to keep playing for more gifts. 

Eliminate time spent in line 

That redemption process is another reason why the right gifting software increases casino participation. 

It stops your players leaving gaming devices and prevents them from wasting time standing in line at reward redemption desks. Because why should your players stand around when they could still be playing, still putting money into your machines? 

Gift redemption through software like Gift & Go can be completed directly on a player’s gaming device. Using a secondary screen, players simply browse their list of available rewards, click to claim the one they like best, and enter their details. 

The process is streamlined and the player experience is seamless. Gifts are claimed in seconds and then delivered directly to your players’ homes, hassle-free with Amazon Prime. 

Or, players can redeem rewards directly from their phones or via a dedicated kiosk on your casino floor. All three redemption channels eliminate the need to waste time standing in line and keep your players on your gaming floor. 

Reduce walk-out rates 

By keeping players at your gaming devices, you’re sure to increase participation. 

When your players don’t need to get up to wait in line to redeem a gift, they’re more likely to stay and play. 

When your players don’t need to pick up their reward and carry it out to their car or up to their hotel room, they’re more likely to stay and play. 

When your players are engaged with building progress bars to claim their next free gift, they’re more likely to stay and play. 

With the right gifting software in place, you’ll reduce walk-out rates at your casino. 

Gifting software like Gift & Go. 

Increase participation and increase your profits

Gift & Go is the world’s leading all-in-one gifting technology platform, trusted by the world’s largest casinos and gaming providers. 

With direct API integration, a vast choice of rewards from Amazon Business and a simple, seamless gift redemption process, it’s the better way to thank your players. 

The better way to increase their participation and increase your profits. 

See how it works yourself:

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.

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