If you run a casino or amusement arcade, or any location where customers can visit to play and gamble in person, you’ll already know how important player rewards are. 

And how difficult they can be to manage effectively and efficiently. 

You need to order new stock regularly and then find space to store it. You have to dedicate staff time to reward redemption, and set aside areas on your gaming floor for a rewards/loyalty store. 

You have to constantly work hard to make sure your players have a great experience when playing and redeeming rewards. 

But there’s a better way to thank your players. A better way to set-up and manage your player reward program and a better way to give your players the gifts they want. Gift & Go. 

State-of-the-art player reward software that transforms the in-person gaming experience because it:

Integrates directly with machines on your gaming floor

Using tried and tested API integrations and unbeatable technology, Gift & Go integrates directly with all your slot machines, gaming machines and every other product on your casino or arcade floor. 

It connects seamlessly with any player loyalty software you run to let your players redeem points and rewards straight from the station they’re currently playing on. 

Alternatively, you can install dedicated player reward redemption screens at strategic locations around your gaming floor.

That integration into physical casino and arcade machines delivers huge benefits to any operators looking to upgrade their player gaming experience and bring it online. 

Players simply browse through a range of rewards, redeeming instant gifts or cashing in loyalty points, and then return home to find the perfect gift waiting at their door. 

An instant reminder of the experience they had with your brand.  

Eliminates on-site storage and shipping costs

Another key benefit of integrating player reward software into your gaming floor machines is an end to stocking and shipping nightmares. 

No more ordering physical stock. No more setting aside space for store rooms. No more hassle organising shipping or delivery for players. All that’s taken care of. 

With Gift & Go, you never have to worry about what types of rewards your players want. You don’t have to bulk order, and you don’t have to arrange stock on shelves to display rewards effectively. 

All you need to do is select a range of rewards you’d like to offer, and players choose the most relevant gifts for themselves. Then Gift & Go uses the power of Amazon Prime to deliver them directly to your player’s home, taking care of all the shipping and customer service. 

Makes sure your players are never disappointed 

Better still, you never need to worry about your rewards being out of stock. 

There’s nothing more disappointing for your players than a visit to the redemption desk, only to find out that the reward they wanted has just been redeemed and you don’t have any more available until the next delivery. 

That’s a bad experience for your players, and one you can easily avoid. 

Gift & Go eliminates the need to stock any rewards on your gaming floor and updates in real-time with availability directly from Amazon Business suppliers. If a product isn’t available, your players won’t even see it as an option. They’ll never miss what they didn’t know. 

And with the option to showcase thousands of different rewards for your players to redeem, they’ll be spoilt for choice. Rather than wandering away disappointed, they’ll keep coming back to redeem more gifts. 

Stops players from waiting in long lines at redemption points 

After sold-out rewards, the next biggest complaint by players about the reward experience is the time they have to spend at redemption points. 

If your gaming floor has just one loyalty store, one redemption desk, it’s likely your players will have to line up to claim an instant prize or redeem earned loyalty points. 

Do you want them spending the time in your casino or amusement arcade standing in a queue, or would you rather they be playing on your machines? 

It’s a no brainer. 

Increases the time players spend on your machines 

Gift & Go lets your players redeem rewards directly on any gaming device – or even on a mobile app – so they never have to stand in line. 

They don’t have to lug big prizes across your gaming floor back to their room or home – so they can spend more time in your casino or arcade. 

Less time walking out. More time playing on your machines. 

Gift & Go doesn’t just transform the experience your players have with reward and loyalty programs, it also increases time spent on machine and coin-in. 

It helps drive in-person revenue from your gaming floor. 

And it keeps your players coming back. 

See how it could work for your offline gaming business. 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.  

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