Traditional casino gifting programs have a problem. Several in fact

They’re outdated, relying on time-consuming manual processes. They’re inefficient, costing more money than they should. They risk gift inventory unnecessarily. 

And they’re ineffective, delivering the same limited reward selection, the same frustrating redemption process and the same boring gifts that players don’t really care about. 

But there’s a better way to reward players. 

A better way to transform processes and upgrade experiences. 

The future of casino gifting. 

And we’re showcasing it at the Global Gaming Expo 2023. 

Learn about our revolutionary on-demand gifting technology at G2E

We know that traditional casino gifting programs are inefficient and ineffective, and we’re doing something about it. 

We’re bringing our unique on-demand gifting technology to G2E to show casinos and casinos, marketing managers and gift program managers, exactly how we can deliver the future of casino gifting directly to their casino floor and into the hands of their players. 

Stop by stand 2632 between October 9th and 12th – at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas – and you’ll see how you can: 

1. Access the world’s largest retailer with unrivaled Amazon Business integration

Gift & Go’s preferred P1 partnership and revolutionary integration with Amazon Business gives you and players instant access to an unbeatable choice of gifts from the world’s biggest retailer. 

Visit us at G2E and we’ll show exactly how our technology gives you the freedom to choose the perfect gift for all your players. Each time. Every time. 

We’ll walk you through the quick simple process of: 

You’ll even see how we saved casinos over $20 million in the last 18 months by eliminating wasted stock and guaranteeing the lowest prices. 

2. Run multiple promotions and gifting services your way

When you see our powerful campaign manager and effortless customization tools at G2E, you’ll see exactly how the future of casino gifting can transform the way you run all of your gifting promotions

Whether it’s play & earn programs, VIP gift catalogs or continuity gifting, Gift & Go gives you the complete flexibility to set up and manage promotions your way. 

Talk to our team at G2E and we’ll show you how you get total oversight of every campaign, including full budget control, detailed data insights and real-time dashboards. You can even see the performance of individual incentive performance. 

3. Explore our groundbreaking integrations with the industry’s leading service providers 

One of the biggest questions you might be asking about any upgrade to your casino gifting program is how it will fit with your existing ecosystem. 

Gift & Go integrates seamlessly with major casino system providers, so you don’t need to worry. 

At G2E, we’ll be showcasing some of our groundbreaking integrations, including: 

See how Gift & Go transforms your player reward programs

With no more gift inventory, no storage, and no shipping costs, Gift & Go delivers zero financial risk for your casino gifting program. 

That’s something you have to see for yourself, right? 

It also eliminates time spent waiting line, rain checks and additional staffing costs, transforming experiences for both your players and your team. 

Check it out in person at G2E 2023. 

We’re at stand 2623 and we’d love to see you. 

Book a personal demo of our on-demand gifting technology, to save you time on the day, and claim your free gift by emailing

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