In the highly competitive casino industry, if you want to attract and engage more players, reward programs, gift giveaways and promotional events are absolutely essential. 

It’s harder than ever to attract new players, and harder still to keep them playing on your casino floor. And of course, you’ll want to do everything in your power to ensure they come back. 

That’s why gifting and incentive marketing programs are so important. The right kinds of casino promotions – supported by the right gifting software – create an engaging and rewarding experience for players and help to minimize the efforts required from you and your team. 

But which gifting promotions and programs could be right for your casino? 

1. Continuity programs

Continuity programs are a great way to encourage guests to extend their stay. With the right prizes and incentives, they’ll keep players playing, increasing revenue across your casino. 

But they need to be planned well in advance, often requiring additional stock to be brought in and additional members of staff to manage on those slower days when you’d typically want a smaller workforce. 

Software like Gift & Go can solve both those problems. 

Gift & Go makes it easier than ever to run continuity problems without the need for any stock on your casino floor or any extra staff. It gives you full flexibility over the rewards and incentives you offer, so you can target a wider range of player demographics, encouraging all types of guests to stick around and play for longer. 

2. Play to earn programs

Play to earn reward programs are a great way to attract new and existing players into your casino on quieter days.

When paired with relevant rewards, they’re highly effective at incentivising players to keep playing (and keep spending), upgrading to higher value gifts. They promote continued engagement and loyalty… if you can tailor the right incentives to the right player demographics. 

And to be most effective, you need to set reward tiers and progress bars tied to guest spending data, to engage players and make sure upgrades are within their reach.

Gift & Go gives you complete freedom and flexibility to tailor rewards any way you like, so you can run different campaigns aimed at different player demographics – promoting the gifts that are most likely to engage… and setting reward tiers based on average spend.   

3. Free gift days 

Hosting a free gift day or special event giveaway is a great way to create buzz, increase and intensify footfall and drive long term engagement with both new and regular players.

Rewards could include branded merchandise, gaming credits, vouchers for on-site food and drink or themed products. 

Traditionally you’d need to plan well in advance in order to source all the required stock to support your free gift days… AND purchase all those gifts upfront. 

But Gift & Go streamlines the setup and automates the entire gift redemption process with no need to pre-purchase inventory. It also eliminates the need to store stock on-site, prevents any breakages AND means you never need to hire additional staff for giveaway days. 

4. Super VIP programs

Super VIP programs are the casino promotions that engage your most valuable players. They’re an essential way to thank and reward your high-rollers. 

Alongside the preferential treatment they’re accustomed to, like dedicated hosts, invitation-only events, exclusive access areas and premium experiences when they stay, dine and play, Super VIP gifting programs add an extra layer of value to your top players. 

With custom gifting catalogs highly personalized to each VIP, Gift & Go lets you tailor the highest value rewards for your highest value players. An extensive and exclusive choice of gifts that they’ll truly appreciate.

5. Casino gift shops 

Casino gift shops, where players can redeem their well-earned casino cash, have long been popular – but physical stores take up a lot of floor space, drain staff resources and can result in long lines. 

A digital casino gift shop eliminates all these challenges, and gives players the chance to exchange their winnings for a wide range of casino merchandise and souvenirs, clothing and electronics. 

And with instant stock availability and 48 hour delivery from Gift & Go, you can guarantee all the right sizes, colors and specs without needing to stock dozens of options. No more waiting in line, no more rain checks, and players who always get what they want. 

6. Host gifts 

Your staff are at the forefront of your attraction and retention efforts, on the casino floor and behind the front desk, interacting with players every day. 

Host gifts are a powerful way for them to deepen relationships. When they can hand out thoughtful gestures to reward players for repeat visits, or award on the spot prizes and show their appreciation to guests, your hosts will be a valuable asset in your incentive marketing efforts. 

With the right software you could reward players in multiple ways, whether that’s key milestones (e.g anniversaries and birthdays), predetermined schedules (e.g every 100th visit) or points earned. 

Gift & Go helps you ditch complicated player reward processes and unnecessary third parties, so your hosts can offer the gifts your customers actually want at the touch of a button. It gives you complete control of the types, timings and tiers of all your player rewards, transforming player retention rates, boosting time on device and eliminating the need for players to leave machines and stand in line to claim their rewards. 

7. Brand gift cards 

Digital and physical gift cards are a quick, simple and highly effective way for casinos to reward players on the spot for continued loyalty. 

They give players complete flexibility with reward spend, and can often be used to tie in with branded promotions and events with casino partners and sponsors. Some brands will even offer discounts for you to promote their gift cards. 

They’re a great choice for casinos who have limited storage space for physical gifts or don’t want the hassle of shipping. 

With Gift & Go, stock, storage and shipping is something you never need to worry about, so you can offer players the best of both worlds. Plus, players never need to wait in line to claim gift cards. They’re emailed to their account or delivered straight to their door.

Gifting software like Gift & Go is the secret to success with casino promotions

When you want to attract and engage more players without increasing your workloads or your risk, state-of-the-art gifting software like Gift & Go is a no brainer. It: 

That automation will transform your player attraction and retention efforts. 

And the incredible choice of gifts at every reward tier will transform your results. 

See it in action:

Book a demo of Gift & Go.

P.S. Did you know Gift & Go can also be used to run employee reward programs in your casino? It’s the simple, streamlined way to show your appreciation and incentivise staff efforts. 

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