If you’re already experienced with running customer rewards programs to boost acquisition and increase loyalty, you’ll know how important gifting software is.

The right one makes your life a whole lot easier by smartly, efficiently and cost effectively managing all your rewards.

The wrong one quickly becomes a logistical nightmare, causing friction between your organisation and your customers, wasting staff time and draining your resources.

So it’s essential that you find the right gifting software for your needs, because it makes a huge impact on your entire customer rewards program – from staff satisfaction to customer experience, acquisition budgets to ROI.

Here’s why:

The right gifting software streamlines your operations

Arguably the biggest challenge of any customer reward program is the rewards themselves – especially when they are physical products.

How do you make sure your operations are efficiently sourcing, storing and shipping the rewards your customer want?

You use gifting software that takes care of all that for you. Software that:

Prevents over and under stock issues 

Making sure you have the right stock levels at all times is a huge task. You have to figure out what gifts your customers might want to redeem, and buy in the right quantities of each.

For example; you might buy 100 phone cases in style A, and 100 in style B – but find that 170 of your customers want style B.

Your customers are either disappointed with their reward, or you’re stuck buying new stock and left with boxes of unwanted gifts.

But with gifting software like Gift & Go, you don’t need to worry about buying rewards in advance or guessing your customer preferences. They get to choose their own rewards and you don’t need to bother with stock. 

Eliminates warehousing 

No stock means no warehousing. Choosing software that lets you forget about stock means you can eliminate the cost of warehousing. Free up space at your organisation and re-invest warehouse savings into bigger and better rewards for your customers.

Takes the hassle out of fulfilment 

And if you’re not storing any customer rewards on-site, the right gifting software coordinates all the shipping and delivery logistics of a physical customer rewards program (and can of course handle digital gift fulfilment too).

It’ll help you save time and effort on packaging, reducing your shipping costs and taking all the stress away from delivery customer service. 

Frees up your staff

With no stock, no storage and no shipping to worry about, your staff will be able to focus on what they do best – supporting your customers. They won’t need to waste hours and hours searching for suitable gift options for your customer rewards. They won’t need to deal with stock deliveries and warehouse organisation. And they won’t need to see a shipping label or make a trip to the post office ever again.

The right gifting software makes sure it’s all handled automatically, seamlessly integrated in your CRM and existing reward or loyalty program software.

The right gifting software improves your gifts and rewards

When you streamline the operations of your customer reward program with more efficient gifting software, you’ll be able to offer better rewards and gifts to your customers.

Because the right gifting software:

Lets you control your budgets

When you can customise pricing tiers with set budgets, you can offer a more diverse range of rewards within each tier. You don’t need to worry about some gifts costing more than others, because you can set fixed price limits for individual rewards or entire campaigns.

You set the budgets where you want, and the software does the rest. Gift and Go for example, can even detect price increases (or price drops) and adjust your budget accordingly, removing rewards if they become too expensive.

Makes sure you offer the right rewards 

Because you can create different reward tiers with different budgets – and set maximum spend limits – you can offer a huge range of gifts as part of your custom rewards program. You’re not limited to the same two or three options that every other reward program offers.

You don’t need to buy stock in advance, you don’t need to worry about unredeemed rewards and you don’t need to guess what your customers want. Simply let your customers pick from an extensive range and then use the data you collect to refine the rewards on offer to better suit their preferences.

The right gifting software means your reward program gifts become more and more tailored over time.

Gives your customers more freedom and flexibility

You’re not just gaining the ability to promote hundreds of different rewards to your customers; you’re giving them the chance to choose their own gift.

You’re taking away the traditional “here’s your reward, like it or lump it” experience of many customer rewards programs and putting the choice into your customers hands. The right gifting software gives them the freedom to choose a reward that they actually want, something they can actually make use of.

And it gives them the flexibility to tailor a reward to their exact specifications. You don’t have to bulk order products in one colour, one size or one type – instead use gifting software like Gift and Go to instantly list every variable and let your customers decide which they’d like best.

The right gifting software makes a big difference for your customers

That freedom and flexibility in a rewards program matters to your customers. It makes their experience with the process, with the program, with your business and your brand so much more enjoyable.

It’s an experience your customers will appreciate, because the right software:

Delivers instant redemption 

No more long, drawn-out sign-up process, no mail-in rebates, no waiting for a code that takes weeks to be verified. Gifting software like Gift & Go uses the latest technology to instantly redeem reward codes.

Gives a great UX experience 

Reward redemption is about more than entering a code though, and powerful gifting software like Gift & Go also makes sure your customers have a great time choosing their reward.

They could run through a gamification process – like spinning a big wheel or rubbing off a scratch card – with all the visuals personalised to perfectly match your brand. Or they could simply jump straight into browsing for their preferred reward, using an ecommerce interface they’ll be instantly familiar with.

By eliminating any user friction, the whole redemption process is a great experience for your customers.

Offers immediate gratification 

And the next stage in that process is fulfilment. Choosing a reward is great, but if the gift  takes weeks to be shipped and delivered, you’ll lose the psychological impact and negate the great UX you’ve previously achieved.

Thankfully choosing the right gifting software should mean that your rewards are shipped and delivered in the fastest way possible. 

The right gifting software attracts more customers and builds more loyalty

With streamlined operations, superior rewards options and a highly effective customer experience, the right gifting software sets your customer reward program up to be hugely successful. It gives you all the tools you need to attract more customers and build more loyalty – with rewards they’ll actually want and an experience that works.

The key is choosing the right gifting software.

Have you got the right software for your customer rewards program?

Book a demo of Gift & Go.

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