The essential attributes of a great loyalty platform? 

You can list them up in just three words. Ease. Experience. Return.

But it’s got to work both ways. Ease, experience and return not just for your players, but for your team too. 

After all, what’s the point in creating an incredible reward and loyalty store experience, with a platform that incentivises players with amazing gifts and amazing gift experiences, if running it is a headache, expensive or inflexible?

And on the other side of the coin, what’s the point of you running a loyalty platform that’s a breeze to operate if it fails to ignite player imaginations and deliver the kind of exceptional reward experiences that keep them coming back?

You need a win/win.

Here’s what to look for in a player rewards and loyalty platform:

It should be easy for your players…

Your platform should be so natural, so simple and so intuitive that your players barely have to give the experience a second thought. 

From the moment they log into their account and at every stage of their reward selection journey, from browsing, to gift selection to redemption, the whole experience should be slick, seamless, second nature. 

Exactly like a high quality, modern eCommerce site. Exactly like Amazon.

…and it should be easy for you 

The old-fashioned way of running rewards and loyalty programmes was anything but easy. Storerooms and warehouses piled high with (often unclaimed) gifts. Manual picking, packing and posting. Overstocks. Understocks. Wear and tear. Hassle upon hassle. 

Which is why giving your players the ability to plug straight into the power of Amazon Business, to instantly access millions of rewards – and have them delivered without you having to lift a finger – makes so much sense.  

It must deliver a superior player experience… 

Who doesn’t value choice? Who doesn’t value quality? And now, with a huge range of amazing reward options to choose from Amazon Business, that’s exactly what your players get. A feeling of being properly valued too, with an almost endless selection of the latest, greatest products from the most popular brands to choose from. 

An online Aladdin’s cave of options guaranteed to make any player’s eyes light up and bring a big broad smile to their face. What an experience! 

And of course, the happier players are with their gift options, the happier they are with you. The better their experience, and the more choice you give them, the more credit you can take.

…and a superior experience for you 

When you’re looking for an effective player rewards and loyalty platform, prioritise those that let you ditch the warehouse stacked high with stock, and replace it with single, simple Amazon Business integration.

For one, you’re not shelling out big bucks upfront on gifts people may or may not want. Or lugging boxes down to the post office. And then there’s the low-cost, highly flexible way you can quickly spin up campaign-specific redemption sites and branded shopfronts. 

Perhaps more than anything though, the real value of a platform like Gift & Go is in the way you can design each and every rewards experience to your exact audience.

Nothing wins hearts, minds and profitable player loyalty like showing people you care. 

It needs to provide a great return for your players…

Not just physical returns in the shape of a cool new gadget, a smart TV, a Garmin watch, or a pair of Beats headphones. There are the emotional returns too. 

Aware of it or not, a great redemption experience and outcome, especially when compared to other reward models that still force players down the old-fashioned, limited option route, will always draw players closer to your brand. It will always see them return for more. It’s human nature.    

….and a great return for you

When you start to look at all the different ways software like Gift & Go streamlines your whole player rewards and loyalty delivery, the ways you save time, save money, and save endless amounts of fulfilment hassle, the ROI benefits soon start to scale. And isn’t that the idea? 

You work hard to show your players your appreciation for their loyalty, to incentivise their return by letting them choose from a range of amazing rewards. 

Your players? They show their appreciation by choosing you. Again and again.

The best player rewards and loyalty platform for you and your players? 

Is just a click away. 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.  

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