Whether you’re running a casino, an amusement arcade, or an online gaming problem, you’ll always be on the lookout for new players.

You’ll be searching for that smart advantage that’ll appeal to your competitors’ players, and convince them that it’s worth ditching the familiar and switching to your brand, your platform.

And at the back of your mind, you’ll know your competitors will be looking for the exact same thing.

Getting there first, finding that answer, knowing just what it takes to entice players into switching platforms is key to your brand’s ongoing success.

But what does it take to trigger this switch? What can you do?

It’s all about being better:

Better games

Players want better games.

It’s that simple. If your brand has a reputation for better games, if your platform is known as the go-to for the newest, most exciting gaming experiences, then players will be curious about trying you out.

But that doesn’t just mean better casino floor gaming machines, or better online games – even though these things are both incredibly important.

It means adding better games at every stage of their interaction with you – giving players that element of risk, that dopamine hit that they crave.

Look for ways of gamifying other aspects of your service or platform. Want to offer a free gift? Great idea – that’s a very strong psychological trigger. But what if you can gamify that process, making that free gift a game in itself with a win/loss scenario?

That’ll trigger the competitive urge in gamers and have them itching to try your platform.

Especially when they’ve got a chance of winning…

Better prizes

Players will flock to try the newest and best games, but they’ll soon lose interest if winning those games results  in underwhelming prizes.

And the difficulty is that one person’s perfect prize will be met with a nonplussed shrug by the next person playing. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all “better” prize.

The key to better prizes is choice. 

Choice means there’s a better chance of enticing a new player with something they can’t get elsewhere – whether that’s cutting edge tech like a PS5, or something genuinely useful like the latest PC monitor, your players will be able to decide what’s the most valuable prize for them and then play to win it.

Choice also works on a psychological level. By empowering players to make a decision about what they win instead of just dictating to them, you give them control. Power. 

It’s all about offering…

Better experiences

Imagine it. You’ve convinced a player to try out your new gaming platform. They’ve actually won the reward they’ve been looking for. And then…

And then they’re stuck in a queue for half an hour, only to be told that you just gave away the last of the new Xbox consoles five minutes ago – wouldn’t they rather have this mini-fridge?

Do you think that player is happy they gave your platform a go? Are they going to tell all their friends that you offer the best games and the best rewards? Or are they going to recommend that others don’t bother, because the experience you offer just doesn’t live up to your promises?

By improving the reward experience, letting players redeem rewards instantly from your casino floor, from your website, or from their mobile device, you can ensure that the experience matches their expectations.

New players will be desperate to try your brand. And once they try, they’ll be more likely to switch.


Better reasons to switch are better reasons to stay

The latest games and the best rewards? That’s a reason for any gamer to switch to your platform, to try your brand. But you don’t just want them to switch. You want them to stay.

But when these games, these rewards, are combined with the best experience, there’s no reason at all for gamers to start casting glances elsewhere. They’ll have everything they’re looking for.

If you’re able to offer the best games, the best prizes, and the best experiences, you’ll make sure it’s your brand they try – not the competition. And you’ll ensure it’s your platform they stay with.

Whether you’re retaining or attracting, give players what they want

A chance to win the best prizes, by playing the newest, most exciting games.

Gift & Go lets your players choose from thousands of rewards from the world’s largest selection of gifts – because we’re the only platform that integrates fully with Amazon Business. 

No matter what they want to play for, they can win it on any of your machines. 

And because Gift & Go also offers the experiences your players want and links seamlessly with the latest, most exciting games, there’s no reason for them to look elsewhere.

What does it take to get players to switch gaming brands or platforms?


Gift & Go.

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.  


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