Whenever you want to trial new software or products for your casino, you’ll want to understand exactly what it could mean for your casino. 

You’ll want to check it’s tried and tested. That it’s used by other casino operators just like you. 

You’ll want to know it works. That it’s effective at saving you time and delivers an improved experience for your players. 

And you’ll want to be sure it’s worthwhile. That the cost/benefit analysis works for your casino and will help increase your revenue.

Tick all three boxes with Gift & Go. 

1. Gift & Go is tried and tested by casinos across the US

Our reach and reputation among US operators has exploded over the last year. 

Deployed in 70+ properties 

Gift & Go is already used by dozens of land-based casinos all across the US, from New York to Las Vegas, Florida to Michigan. 

Used by over 800,000 players 

Almost one million players have used Gift & Go technology on slot machines, on kiosks or online over the past 18 months, and that number is growing rapidly. 

2. Gift & Go helps both your team and your players 

Our state-of-the-art software is transforming both player experiences and staff workloads. It’s streamlining operations and delivering more enticing player reward programs in multiple ways. 

100 million rewards 

With millions of products instantly available to add to your promotions through our integrated supply partners like Amazon and Best Buy, your teams can select highly targeted rewards for every campaign and every demographic, without ever worrying about sourcing stock. 

And your players can redeem the gifts that are most relevant and most valuable to them at the touch of a button. 

Want to save time with the product recommendations and top performing categories? We automatically share data on the most in-demand rewards, most sought after gifts and most popular gift categories. 

To date in 2023 the most popular gift categories are:

    1. Home & Kitchen
    2. Beauty & Personal Care
    3. Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
    4. Electronics
    5. Sports & Outdoors

4 hours saved per player 

Your players could wait in line to redeem and collect gifts in person. Or they could save an average of 4 hours each year with instant redemption at their slot machine, on their device or at dedicated kiosks on your casino floor. 

Over 1 million orders made in the last 12 months

Does instant redemption work? Yes, absolutely. We’ve processed over one million orders for casino guests in North America, with rewards shipped to every state (and internationally). And they’ve all been processed seamlessly via branded microsites, super-fast shipping and top-quality customer service.

1.7 days average gift delivery time 

It takes less than 48 hours from the time the average reward is redeemed at your casino to the time it lands at your players’ front door. Proof of our exceptional integration with Amazon Business and Prime delivery. And time your staff save  on picking items, packaging products and managing shipping processes.

3. Gift & Go saves you money and increases your revenue 

Our real-time, gifting-on-demand software eliminates so many of the traditional challenges associated with casino gifting, you’ll be amazed at how cost-effective it is. 

$20 million saved pre-purchasing inventory 

The amount of inventory risked every day for player reward programs is staggering. When you have to guess what types of gifts your players will claim, you’ll always be faced with the prospect of unclaimed stock. Wasted stock that costs you money. 

Casinos saved over $20 million across 70 US properties using Gift & Go to redeem rewards on-demand as opposed to buying up front. 

$500,000 saved in one single promotion 

One property saved over half a million dollars during a single promotional campaign by accessing the exclusive, business-only discounts, offers and incentives that Gift & Go can harness from our supply partners. 

Imagine what that figure could look like over multiple promotions after just one year. 

Gift & Go means the better way to say thank you 

These key stats from the last 18 months give you a clear indication of what Gift & Go could mean for your casino. 

It’s the better way to deploy and manage loyalty and reward programs for your team, saving time, automating processes and streamline operations. 

It’s the better way to reward your players, with an unbeatable choice of gifts and a seamless redemption experience. 

It’s the better way to say thank you… as you’ll see. 

Book a demo of Gift & Go.

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