The benefits of incentive marketing and player rewards are clear to any organisation that’s ever run a promotional offer, gift giveaway or loyalty program: a more interested audience, more new prospects acquired, more leads converted, more users playing on your platform, spending more money and playing for longer. 

Great incentive marketing and player reward programs build brand reputation, grow your database and generate more income. 

The very best incentive marketing and player reward programs use gifting-on-demand software to deliver real-time rewards. 


Because real-time rewards deliver real, powerful benefits for organisations, staff members and, most importantly, your players. 

The benefits of real-time rewards for your gaming organisation include: 

Complete customisation for your player reward program

One of the most immediate and most valuable benefits of real-time rewards is the flexibility it offers to any player reward program. 

When you can activate instant rewards based on any type of activity or trigger point you like – new player sign up, money deposited, or total games played, for example – you can get really creative with the way you attract and retain players. 

With one simple set-up, you can customise exactly when and how your players receive rewards, and even give them the option to completely customise the rewards they claim. 

You reward players the way you want, players choose the real, physical rewards they want. 

It’s win win. 

Total automation of gifts, rewards and incentives 

Real-time gifting and rewards gives your organisation total customisation because it streamlines the player reward process. It automates key processes to save time and effort across your entire program. 

With Gift & Go’s API, you can set just about any action to trigger a reward or incentive for your players. 

When they do X, you reward them with Y… or in the case of Gift & Go, you give them the option to choose from hundreds of rewards – based on the values you assign. 

Set it up once, and then your entire reward program is automated. It’s streamlined, efficient and effective, and you can just let it run. It’s gifting-on-demand

It delivers all the benefits without a second thought. 

More admin eliminated for your teams 

When you can automate the bulk of your new player acquisition and player reward programs, you’ll free up huge amounts of time for your internal marketing team, gifting managers, and even your IT and development teams. 

With a real-time reward program delivering instant access to the gifts and incentives your players want, your team won’t need to spend as much time managing campaigns. They won’t need to collect player names and addresses, cross check eligibility or follow up with reward requests, and they’ll have more time to focus on other important areas of the business. 

It’s all taken care of by your gifting software – by Gift and Go – in real time. 

Instant budget control across all campaigns

Real-time rewards also give gaming organisations the benefit of real-time oversight. 

When you can instantly see both the number of player rewards triggered and the number of rewards claimed – updated in real-time – you can keep a firm control on your budgets. 

With one, simple to use dashboard and automated invoicing, you’ll have a clear view of each of your incentive campaigns and player reward programs, all in one place. You can allocate budgets and see exactly how that budget is being spent on a monthly, daily and hourly basis. 

When rewards are claimed, that budget updates in real-time. 

It means you can quickly see which campaigns and triggers are proving more popular (and most effective) and reassign budgets as and where required to get the maximum impact for your organisation. 

No wasted budgets, no wasted rewards

That crystal-clear, real-time oversight means you can also see instantly if any campaigns aren’t working. 

But more importantly, because you’re running a real-time reward program, your budget won’t be spent until it actually needs to be. No rewards are ordered, no shipping paid for, and no invoices issued until those rewards have been claimed. 

You’re not wasting budgets buying stock up front, and you’re not wasting rewards by offering your players gifts and incentives they’re not interested in. 

When all your rewards are redeemed in real-time, there’s never any excess. No left overs, no incorrect orders. No hassle. 

A superior player reward experience 

Add that all together, and the biggest benefit of real time rewards is a superior experience for your players. An unbeatable experience. 

They get the gifts and incentives they want exactly when they’re entitled to them. 

They don’t need to fill in lengthy claims forms. They don’t need to click through confusing redemption processes. They don’t need to wait around. 

They trigger a reward, then they choose a reward, instantly. 

And with next-day delivery via Amazon Business, your players can have those physical rewards in their hands almost instantly too. 

Real time rewards – made possible by Gift & Go’s unique API and state-of-the-art gifting software – delivers complete customisation, total automation and incredible reward experiences for all your player reward programs and incentive marketing campaigns. 

Want to see the benefits it can bring to your organisation? 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.


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