Growing your gaming company means a constant effort to attract new players and build loyalty among your existing ones. Competition is fierce, and it’s all too easy for players to switch to another provider. 

Unless of course, you have an unbeatable player reward programme. 

To do that, you need to offer real, relevant rewards that stand out to new players and keep existing ones coming back again and again. 

With our experience working alongside some of the biggest gaming providers in the world, we know the rewards that work best for player loyalty. 

Let’s start with the elephant in the room.

For console gaming

There’s no doubt that gaming consoles are the most sought after, most in-demand rewards for any incentive programme – not just those specific to the gaming sector. But the question is, do you want to encourage your players to spend time gaming away from your organisation?

The more they play on a PlayStation or Xbox, the less likely they are to play on your site, right? 

That’s one approach to take, and a reason why you may want to avoid offering consoles as a player reward. But on the flip side, gamers are gamers. They’re likely to be buying and playing these consoles regardless, so if they get them as a reward from you, you’ll earn their loyalty.

As long as the gaming experiences are diverse, you shouldn’t need to worry. You could offer your players:

For more comfortable gaming

A comfortable gaming setup is essential for any serious player, but even more casual gamers have come to appreciate the value of an optimised computer environment after two years of working from home. 

So any gifts, rewards and incentives that improve the comfort of desks and the ergonomics of gaming are certain to be popular. They include:

For more enhanced gaming

As well as a comfortable setup, your players are also going to be looking for anything that delivers the optimum experience. 

Rewards that boost the quality and immersiveness of their game time will always prove relevant and appreciated, including:

For home fitness and wellbeing

Lockdown hasn’t just seen a surge in gamers and Twitch streams. It’s also driven a huge rise in home health and fitness, and your players will also be looking for any rewards that can support their exercise regime. 

Some of the most popular player loyalty programmes offer a wide range of workout equipment and associated tech as part of their rewards, including:

For refreshments

Although some of the rewards here might fall into the upper end of your loyalty point reward categories, there are plenty of lower budget options, particularly when it comes to helping your players stay refreshed. 

There rewards will remind your players of your business whenever they eat or drink and include:

Give players a choice of rewards and keep them playing

With so many relevant rewards to choose from, the secret to winning and keeping players is choice. 

The freedom for players to pick their own rewards from an extensive selection. 

With Gift & Go’s Amazon Business integration, it’s super simple and highly effective for your incentive and loyalty reward schemes to give your players a choice of thousands of relevant rewards every time. 

See how it works for your players. 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift

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