If you want to transform your player reward program this year with the hottest incentives and a superior customer experience, there are two key areas you need to focus on: 

Physical prizes and automation. 

The first – physical prizes – will elevate your player rewards to new levels, moving beyond the standard “free spins” and “cash bonuses” to incentives that are far more powerful and far more effective. 

The second – automation – will streamline the way you and your team manage your player rewards and loyalty programs, giving you the freedom and flexibility to deliver an incredibly personal, easily customised incentive experience for every single player. 

Best of all, you can do it all in your Playtech Player Journey platform. 

Why upgrade player reward programs with physical prizes and incentives? 

Every gaming organisation offers free bets, free spins and cash prizes as part of their incentive marketing and player loyalty schemes. 

Only the best, the most successful, offer physical prizes. 

Why? Because they know just how valuable they are to their success. 

Physical prize giveaways:

Where free spins and cash prizes are bland and uninspiring, physical rewards are exciting and intriguing. They’re more relevant and more valuable. 

They’re real – something your players can unbox, unwrap and hold in their hands. Something they can use every single day. 

There’s real psychology behind receiving a physical gift

Especially if you can customise and personalise those prizes, giving your players complete freedom to choose the reward that’s most valuable and most relevant to them. 

But how do you do that with Playtech? 

Say goodbye to the traditional challenges of physical giveaways 

The traditional problems with physical prize giveaways all boil down to logistics: 

Not anymore. 

With Gift & Go’s Playtech integration, there’s no stock to worry about, no storage to sort and no shipping to deal with. 

It’s all taken care of automatically. 

In fact, every part of the player reward and redemption process can be automated – so you and your team don’t need to lift a finger. 

Automating physical rewards in Playtech 

Gift & Go integrates seamlessly and directly into Player Journey. If you’re already a Playtech licensee you’ll be well familiar with it. 

Once you’re connected, it’s quick and simple to automate the entire player reward journey.

Just watch our latest video and see for yourself. 


Choose your triggers 

Use Gift & Go to automate your player rewards via hundreds of different trigger points in Player Journey. You decide, you personalise – whether it’s on sign up, on number of games played, on total amounts spent, on anniversaries, on loyalty points won or hundreds of other customisable options. 

You set which milestones and actions you want to trigger a reward, then our technology does the rest.

Browse millions of real prizes

As Amazon’s number one preferred gifting partner, Gift & Go gives you access to millions of rewards for every budget, on-demand whenever your players claim them. Quickly and easily browse through the vast Amazon Prime catalogue and pick the types of real, physical rewards you want to offer. 

Match physical rewards 

When you’ve set triggers and chosen rewards, all you need to do is match up the relevant prizes to the relevant reward level. Set whichever reward tiers and budget levels you want – you get full customisation over which actions trigger which rewards. 

Watch your players redeem automatically 

When you’ve assigned a prize level to a trigger point, that’s it. Automated player reward journeys, automatic physical prizes sent straight to their homes. 

Your players get instant notification of a reward won, they can choose from a range of prizes based on their reward level, and redemption is quick and simple. Address added, prize shipped automatically via Amazon Business. 

It’s true gifting-on-demand

Are you ready to upgrade your player reward experience with Playtech?

Do you want to automate hundreds of triggers to truly customise player journeys? 

Do you want to reward players with more valuable, more powerful physical prizes? 

And do you want to automate physical giveaways so you never need to worry about stock, storage and shipping… but still have access to millions of gifts?

It’s time to Gift & Go. 

It’s the better way for Playtech licensees to thank their players. 

Sign up here. 

Not a Playtech user?

With our gifting-on-demand API, you can integrate the same automation and upgrades to your player reward and customer incentive programs. 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.

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