How to prepare your incentive marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, that big, emotion-filled day is just around the corner… and now is the ideal time to prepare any gifting or incentive marketing campaigns you want to tie in with Valentine’s Day. 

Because whether it fills you with dread or delight, your prospects and customers will likely identify with February 14th one way or another. And if you can help them out by sharing some great gift ideas – that they can redeem for free – then they might just put your company on Cupid’s list. 

Here’s how to get all your incentives ready for a Valentine’s themed campaign.

Start planning now 

Firstly, you’ll need to decide what type of campaign you’ll run and who you’ll target. Do you want to attract some new customers, or would you rather use Valentine’s Day to show some love for your loyal ones

There’s no reason you can’t do both. 

Decide your budgets for the campaign, map out your designs and messaging, and start creating all the marketing collateral. 

Use Gift & Go for a quick and easy way to build campaign landing and redemption pages or customised loyalty stores

Set your tiers 

Next, decide the level of rewards and incentives you want to offer. 

Are you one for big, bold romantic gestures with designer handbags, jewellery, perfume and aftershave? 

Or do you want to stretch your budget further to give more customers a little reward, like a delicious box of chocolates or a cute little teddy bear? 

With Gift & Go, it’s really simple to set different tiers and assign specific budgets to each, creating different categories of gifts for different customers. 

Maybe your most loyal customers deserve a little more love from you compared with those who are only just vying for your affection? 

Choose your gifts 

Finally, it’s time to start adding all those Valentine’s gifts to your catalogue. Use Gift & Go’s unique Amazon interface to browse the retail giant and select all those love-themed gifts (or those that are entirely unrelated if you prefer) and add them to your campaign. 

If you’re looking for some Valentine’s gift ideas, why not add: 

Something edible 

Aphrodisiac or not, you won’t go far wrong with a box of chocolates. But since it’s Valentine’s, include some more premium options in your choice of gifts, like a sensational selection of Godiva Chocolate, or a luxury box of Lindt.

Something cute 

Your customers might want a fun cute gift this Valentine’s, so why not offer some cuddly teddy bears as part of your incentives? Go big with this supersized teddy, or opt for something a little different with this bear made entirely of roses

Something relaxing

Or maybe your customers will want to enjoy some ‘me-time’, with a gift to help them relax and soak away their worries? Luxury soaps, spa sets or this Valentines-themed box of bath bombs are a great choice. 

Something to toast 

If Valentine’s is a time for celebrations, then why not include some bubbly options in your gift catalogue. Whether your guests fancy traditional or non-alcoholic, adding a box of champagne flutes like these will go down a treat.  

Something sparkly

Jewellery is a great gift all year round, but it’s especially popular on Valentine’s Day. Plus there’s a huge range of options for different incentive budgets, from a customised gold plated necklace to stunning Swarovski jewellery

Something to spray 

If your customers are heading out on a special Valentine’s date, then they’ll want to make sure they smell great. Designer perfume and aftershave are must-add gifts to your range of incentives this year. 

Something special 

To really impress your customers, and help them impress their significant others, then you’ll want to offer some special gifts, rewards and incentives this Valentine’s. Perhaps a Kate Spade handbag or Michael Kors watch for the ladies? Or a Fossil watch or Ray-Ban sunglasses for the guys? 

Find your perfect match in Gift & Go

Whatever selection of incentives you choose for your Valentine’s campaign, Gift & Go makes sure your customers will always find a reward they’ll love. 

Because they won’t have to receive an anonymous, mystery gift – they can choose the reward that perfectly matches their heart’s desire (or pick something they know their other half will love!). 

If you’re running an incentive marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day, Gift & Go makes it easy. It’s quick and simple to create your campaigns, set your tiers and budgets, select your gifts, and then let your customers choose their own rewards. 

A match made in heaven?

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.  


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