This black friday you can’t help but have gifting on the brain but looking for a gift is never an easy journey. You want to ensure that the receiver will use your gift and be happy about it. The case may even get more challenging if that person has specific tastes and hobbies. As a matter of fact, casino lovers and players, in general, are one of those people. 

Any business that’s ever run a marketing campaign knows you can increase your customer retention by offering useful benefits and rewards, so as we approach the season of gifting it’s never too late to start thinking about ways to keep your players coming back time and time again. 

The Power of Customer Retention

Let’s start with the basics, why should you care about your customer retention? 

Many businesses see their main aim as acquiring new customers or increasing their customer base: the bigger the number of customers, the better they’re doing as a business. Of course, finding new customers is important and any business will want to grow and expand their customer base– but it shouldn’t be at the expense of customer retention. 

The Harvard Business Review found that acquiring a new customer can be between five and 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one. That means, If you can keep your existing customers happy and ensure they come back for more, it’s going to cost you less than continually having to find brand new customers. 

The Power of a Gift 

Your next question, why gifts? 

Marketing is about getting attention, engaging people, and encouraging them to play at your casino and machines. That comes through building trust and establishing rapport. In this way, giveaways and gifts are great opportunities to show customers what your casino is all about.

Whether it’s a gift or even a voucher people enjoy the experience of getting something for nothing. This isn’t because you’re giving away loads of stuff for free, but alongside delivering a great experience in your casino, you’re appealing to their sense of “this is a bargain” and continuing to give them lots of great reasons to keep playing!

The Gift & Go Solution 

Now, let’s introduce you to a game-changing ally in your gifting quest – Gift & Go! 

Not all loyalty and retention schemes are created equal. Your customers need and deserve different rewards at different stages of their journey. Gift & Go lets you match the perfect campaign with the perfect gift for each and every customer – including raffles, loyalty points, sign up campaigns and referral schemes.

Powered by our partnership with Amazon business and other suppliers, Gift & Go takes care of everything. With zero stock, zero warehousing and zero fulfillment to worry about, you’ll eliminate unnecessary expenses and maximize budgets for rewards. 

Our gifting platform is all you need to make a mesmerizing selection of gifts for your valued players. With seamless integration and user-friendly technology, Gift & Go makes the gift selection and redemption process a breeze. 

In conclusion

As you venture into the realm of customer retention, valued gifts are the key to keeping your players engaged and coming back for more experiences. We can help with our software tools that offer personalization so you can create a bond between your casino and your customers that can’t be broken. 

Want to see the benefits it can bring to your organization? 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.

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