If you want to entice more players to your platform and incentivise your existing ones to keep playing, you need to reward them with the gifts they want. 

You need to understand what they’re looking for, what types of rewards they want, and what they value.

And most importantly, you need to give them a choice. 

Gift & Go can help. We’ve not just got a list of the top player rewards and gifts so you can see the key industry trends and the most in-demand gifts, we’ve got the unrivalled software that lets your players choose the rewards that are most relevant to them. 

So what might they pick? 

The top gifting categories in Europe and the US 

In both the US and Europe, there’s one reward category that dominates above all others – electronics

Hardly surprising for the gaming industry, where players are using their electronic devices to earn rewards. 

Tech is top on both sides of the pond. In Europe, electronic items make up 23 out of the top 25 rewards. In the US, they account for 16 of the top 25. 

If tech isn’t your players’ thing, the other key reward categories they’ll turn to will include:

What’s the most sought after reward for players? 

Tech dominates the top player rewards list in both Europe and the US, and there’s one product which stands out at number one in both regions. 

  1. Earbuds. 

In the US, the most redeemed player reward is Apple EarPods. In Europe, it’s Bluedio’s earphones which top the list, in both first and second position. 

But earphones won’t always be for everyone, and as our list of the top 25 player rewards shows, it’s important to offer a range of other technology (and gifts from other categories) to keep your players engaged. 

The other most claimed tech products are:

  1. Amazon Fire Tablets 
  2. Bluetooth speakers 
  3. Wireless chargers
  4. Amazon Fire TV sticks 
  5. Computer mouses 
  6. Fitness trackers and smart watches 

What other types of gifts and rewards are players looking for? 

While tech items are top of the list, there are also plenty of other products that your players will have their eyes on. 

  1. Fans – both tower and table fans – are a big hit in both the US and Europe
  2. Handbags – more popular in the US than Europe
  3. Home appliances – like vacuum cleaners, blenders, and air fryers 
  4. Bedding – a big hit in the US, but not as much in Europe 
  5. Beach items – towels and tents were very popular in Europe and the US respectively

The power of choice with Gift & Go 

From the top 25 most claimed rewards in both the US and Europe, one thing is clear. Players love variety. They love choice. 

It’s near impossible to point to a single category, let alone a single product, that your players are guaranteed to love. 

The only way to attract and retain them is to give them the power of choice

If you really want to offer the top rewards and gifts to your players, you’ll want to have access to a huge, customisable catalogue and the freedom to let players select the rewards that are most relevant and most valuable to them. 

You need to connect seamlessly to Amazon Business’ vast array of products and personalise the range of gifts and incentives you offer in your reward program

You need to Gift & Go. 

Find exactly how you can offer the top player rewards and gifts, in real time, and give all your customers an unbeatable, personalised redemption experience. 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.


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