At Gift & Go, we believe in the power of gifting. We believe in the power – and the value – of rewarding your players with gifts they actually want. Those are real, relevant and personal. . 

When you give your customers the freedom to choose the perfect gift, each time, every time, you’re choosing the success of your company. 

In 2021 we launched a partnership with Light & Wonder that integrated Gift & Go technology directly into casino floor slot machines, under the name Player Boutique. 

For the first time ever, our platform helped casinos incentivise their games with fully customisable player rewards. 

Better still, it streamlined and simplified reward redemption, so players could receive their chosen gift within just two days. No waiting in line at casino customer service. No out of stock rewards. No carrying gifts back home.

How does slot machine gifting work?

The gifting fulfillment programme is simple. The more players play, the more they earn. Once they earn a reward or prize, they’re taken through a quick and easy redemption process to choose their preferred gift, and within two days, that gift is delivered straight to their door. 

When you give your casino players that added incentive to play, you’ll:

You’ll transform your ROI. 

And with Gift & Go, you’ll have total control over gift redemptions, from customisable campaigns right down to the individual gift choices, all thanks to the rewards program powered by Amazon. 

Partnering with Light & Wonder

Light & Wonder extended their partnership with Gift & Go in 2022, following a 20% revenue increase from the previous year. 

We’re really excited to build on our partnership using Gift & Go’s unique technology to deliver a truly unique gifting on demand experience.” Bill Bachman, Light & Wonder, Director of Consulting & Gifting Services. 

Our Gift & Go technology is now live in over 70 land-based casinos in North America. 

With no need to stock, waiting times reduced massively and over a million gifts to choose from, the slot machine integration gives land-based casinos flexibility with gifting and reward programs, removes inventory constraints and opens up a huge product selection range. 

Player Boutique has had incredible market penetration across the US and our collaboration with Light and Wonder has transformed the way land-based casinos reward their players,” said Gift & Go Co-Founder Jon Reuben.

With the seamless integration of player reward technology, is it time to see how you could further enhance your land-based casino and cross-platform game experiences with Gift & Go? 

Book a free demo today, explore the Gift & Go incentive platform and see how you can boost your players’s loyalty. 

“Player Boutique is the best option for a promotion and giveaway for any sized casino, or even brand-new ones opening up just like ours! The process is smooth from the build and setup all the way to the promotion day and even to the shipping of the gifts. The giveaways basically run themselves and require very little manpower. The guests get great valued gifts that are mailed directly to their home within days. Player Boutique allowed Bristol Casino to start doing promotions earlier once we opened due to how easy they are to execute. They are a go-to each month!”
– Kayla Carter, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Manager Promotions & Players Club

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