The whole purpose of an incentive marketing campaign is to attract more prospects, convert more leads and win more customers. Any incentive marketing campaign should bring financial rewards to your business, if run correctly. 

But some incentive marketing campaigns are better than others. Some use better processes, better software and better rewards to deliver bigger financial returns.

That’s the difference with Gift & Go. With advanced gifting technology and a huge choice of incentives powered by Amazon Business, the financial rewards of a Gift & Go Incentive Marketing Campaign are extensive. 

Try it today, and you’ll:

Save money by eliminating wasted stock 

Too many traditional incentive marketing campaigns rely on your organisation buying gifts and rewards in advance. That means your marketing team has to decide which incentives to stock, and make sure they have a sufficient supply to meet demand. 

And that’s all guesswork.  

Sure, you can make educated guesses based on the most popular gifts and you’ll have data suggesting how many new customers your campaign should be aiming to acquire – but there’s still plenty of margin for error. 

You won’t want to run out of rewards, so you’ll probably order more stock than you need. 

The result? Wasted stock, sat unclaimed. Gifts you’ve paid for but don’t have customers for. But with Gift & Go, you only pay for rewards when they are claimed. You can offer as many different gifts and incentives as you like as part of your campaign, safe in the knowledge you don’t have to order them in advance and keep a stock of them.

You’ll save a large part of your budget right from the start of your campaign.

Reduce overheads by eliminating warehousing 

When you don’t need to stock gifts and rewards in advance, you’ll also save on storage costs. 

Without boxes of tech, piles of homeware and bags of clothing, you won’t need any shelves, any stock rooms or any warehousing. 

So when you switch to a Gift & Go incentive marketing campaign, you can immediately ditch those warehousing costs and repurpose any space you’d set aside.

Streamline fulfilment costs by eliminating shipping 

Warehousing is just one of the larger costs associated with an incentive marketing campaign. But Gift & Go doesn’t just eliminate warehousing, it also reduces and streamlines all the costs associated with shipping and fulfilment too. 

By integrating directly with Amazon Business and its Prime Delivery programme, you’ll benefit immediately from economies of scale. 

Of course, there will still be some fulfilment costs to pay to get your rewards into the hands of your customers, but you’ll make massive savings on doing it yourself.

You won’t need to pay for boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging. You won’t need to organise logistics or take packages to the post office for shipping. And your staff won’t need to waste time organising shipping when their efforts are better focused elsewhere.

Increase brand awareness 

With all your processes streamlined and savings made on stock, storage and shipping, you’ll see the financial rewards of a Gift & Go incentive campaign before you’ve even started it. 

But there’s much more to gain. 

Because with Gift & Go’s huge choice of rewards, you’ll immediately stand out from your competitors and boost your brand awareness. Instead of the usual, ‘standard’ rewards offered by other businesses, you’ll showcase an incredible range of gifts and rewards. 

With everything from computers to coffee pots, glasses to golf clubs, your brand will stand out as one that can offer real, relevant rewards. 

Attract more new customers

And when you stand out with incentives that actually incentivise your prospects, you’ll attract more of them

They’ll be far more likely to convert. 

Especially when they have a choice of gifts and rewards.

A Gift & Go incentive marketing campaign gives your prospects the power to select their own incentive. They can pick the gift that’s most relevant to them. 

They won’t be stuck with a small selection of the same old rewards. They won’t be left disappointed. They won’t leave your sales funnel. 

They’ll actually want the rewards you’re offering and will complete the buying process. 

Money in the bank.

Encourage repeat purchases 

That’s not all. 

When you use Gift & Go to give your new customers a choice of rewards, they’ll want to buy again. They can only select one gift this time, but when they see there are several other rewards they’d love to have, then they’ll keep coming back.

They’ll recognise that you don’t offer the same gifts for every campaign and will be eager to take advantage of that. 

They’ll tell their friends and family about your incentives too. They’ll become an advocate for your brand, an extremely loyal customer

They’ll keep generating revenue for you. 

That’s the power of choice.

The financial rewards of a Gift & Go incentive marketing campaign. 

See for yourself. Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift

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