If you’re thinking of running an incentive marketing campaign in December to acquire new customers, the gifts you choose as incentives matter more than ever.

Because December is Christmas time. It’s the end of the year, and your prospects’ minds are on other things.

To grab their attention among the noise of the festive period, you’re going to need gifts that really stand out. And to encourage them to choose your brand – over a competitor or any of the other needs that clamour for attention this time of year – your incentive offers will really need to resonate with your audience.

But thankfully, the end of the year means it’s easy to tie your rewards into what your customers are likely to be looking for.

1. Big ticket tech 

Technology is always a hugely popular incentive. It’s in-demand year round, but Christmas is a time when many decide to splash out.

So, if your business can offer the tech that a potential customer was thinking about buying anyway, you’re onto a winner. You’ll have their attention, their custom and their loyalty.

This year, the most sought-after tech includes:

Mobile Phones 

The iPhone 13 is set to hit shelves in the latter half of this year and is certain to be in huge demand. If your incentive marketing budget stretches that far – you’re sure to acquire plenty of customers.

But a new iPhone often encourages users to look at other models and shop around. The end of the year is a great time to offer older models like the iPhone 12 or the Galaxy S21 to potential customers.

Games Consoles

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to be an extremely popular Christmas wish list item again this year. And again, if you can offer them as an incentive, you’ll have customers rushing through your doors.

With more people enjoying time off work at the end of the year, other games consoles like the Nintendo Switch are great incentive options too.

2. Tech accessories

If your incentive marketing budget won’t quite stretch to the big-ticket tech items, don’t worry. The end of the year is the perfect time to tie your incentives in with them instead.

Many of your potential customers will be eyeing up new tech as Christmas presents, and they’ll need accessories to go with them. So why not offer:

Mobile phone accessories 

Games console accessories

A single accessory as an incentive might not cut it, but with the right gifting technology like Gift & Go, you can bundle accessories together to create a really strong offer (you can even make sure batteries are included!)

3. Smart home gadgets 

As we spend more time at home over the Christmas and New Year period, our thoughts often turn to home improvements. Continuing the tech theme, smart home gadgets are always going to grab potential customers’ attention.

And there’s a gadget to suit every budget, including:

4. Must have homeware 

It’s not just smart gadgets we turn our attention to at the end of the year when we look around our home. The non-tech items are just as important and offering some home improvement gifts as part of your incentive marketing campaign could be a great way to grab the attention of those who will be entertaining over the Christmas period.

For example, if you’re hosting friends and family, you might be on the lookout for:

5. Gift cards to shop for a loved one

Perhaps one of the easiest incentives to offer, and one of the most useful for your prospects in the run up to Christmas, gift cards are sure to appeal to everyone.

Set a range of amounts depending on your campaigns and product options, and let your prospects choose a gift that’s relevant to them at this time of year. They may want to treat themselves or choose a card they can redeem for a Christmas gift for a family member.

There’s a huge choice of incentives to consider at the end of the year 

Whatever type of incentive marketing campaign you’re running, the festive period at the end of the year brings plenty of gift options for you to consider. It’s a brilliant time to run an incentive marketing campaign to win new customers.

Just take a look at the best gift guides for your target audience. It should be easy to pick out the newest make-up or perfume, the best-in-class hair clippers, the latest board game, the hottest Lego set or even just a giant box of chocolates to indulge in.

It all depends on your budget.

But instead of choosing what gifts your prospects might like – and playing the guessing game – what if you could offer them all? What if you could let all your potential customers choose their own Christmas gifts – either for themselves or for loved ones – and win their business?

With Gift & Go’s state-of-the-art gifting software, your incentive marketing campaigns can offer any end of year gift by tapping into Amazon Business’ huge catalogue (along with other leading suppliers).

See how it works yourself:

Book a demo of Gift & Go.

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