Hockey USA’s Miracle on Ice. The Cool Running heroic amateurs of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. Australian Steven Bradbury speed skating to gold as all four of his competitors collapse in a heap… The Winter Olympics is never short on drama, and your customers will be tuning in to make sure they don’t miss out on all of the excitement of this year’s event.

So if your company can add to that excitement, can help them enjoy everything that Beijing 2022 has to offer with the right rewards and incentives, then you’ll be on the road to forming a Torvill and Dean-style gold medal partnership.

Get it wrong, and you might just be left out in the cold. So here are six great gift ideas to help reward your customers during the winter games.

1. Big Screen TVs

The best way to enjoy any sporting event is by being there in person, and any other year we’d be suggesting you reward your customers with tickets to events. But Beijing is a long, long way away and spectators won’t be permitted due to local Coronavirus rules.

So what’s the next best thing? 65 inches of crystal clear OLED screen to see every single piece of the action.

Rewarding your customers with a big ticket item like a Sony Bravia or Samsung smart TV might be expensive, but it’s guaranteed to put you on the podium in your most important customers’ minds.

2. Banners, Bunting and Flags

At the other end of the price scale, you can help your customers display their pride in our athletes with patriotic bunting, Olympic pennants, and giant banners.

Everyone loves an Olympic party, and your gifts will really help to set the mood and raise the excitement levels ahead of the next gold medal event.

There’s no better way for them to show that they’re cheering their country to the top of the medal table. Or is there?

3. Country-specific Merch

If they really want to show how much they’re behind their team in Beijing, then it’s time to dress the part.

Maybe you and your company are fully behind Team USA, offering Olympic training tees, official team lapel pins, and other accessories, to help everyone feel like part of the team.

Perhaps you’re in the UK and supporting Team GB? Or maybe you want to give your customers an entire range of country flags, clothing and accessories to choose from, depending on where their allegiances lie? (With Gift & Go it’s easy!)

Whatever merch you offer, you’ll bring them closer to their team and closer to your company too.

4. Party Accessories

They’ve turned on the big TV, raised the banner and pulled on the Team USA tee. So what’s next for your customer? What other rewards can you give them to tie-in with that Winter Olympics buzz?

Easy. Party accessories. Chip and dip bowls and themed glasses will be in demand from the start of the alpine skiing through to the final of the speed skating. So why not give your customers the chance to plan a real Olympic celebration with a selection of party gifts?

5. Olympic Trivia Games

Who did Team USA beat at Lake Placid in the Miracle on Ice? Who were the British figure skating pair that grabbed gold in Sarajevo? Where were the first winter games held?

If your customers are fanatical about the Winter Olympics, they’ll be itching for the chance to prove that they know their stuff. So why not give them that chance with a fantastic Olympic trivia quiz game?

6. Fitness Watches

Some people look at a finely-tuned athlete hurtling off the side of a mountain on a pair of skis and reach for the chip bowl. But others are inspired to start their own fitness and athletic journeys.

So why not support them with a fitness watch to help them reach their training goals? Fitbit and Apple both offer products that’d make a superb gift – and who knows? Maybe it’s a gift that could lead to your company getting name checked from the podium in four years’ time?

Go for Gold with Gift & Go

Whatever incentives you choose for your Winter Olympics tie-in, Gift & Go makes sure your customers will always find a reward that’s worthy of the gold.

There’s no need to settle for their second place choice, because you’ll give them the chance to choose something they really want – direct from Amazon or Best Buy – so you won’t need an Olympic-sized storage space to hold all the stock.

If you’re running an incentive marketing campaign for the Winter Olympics, Gift & Go makes it easy. It’s quick and simple to create your campaigns, set your tiers and budgets, select your gifts, and then let your customers choose their own rewards.

It’s a process as simple and as smooth as a bobsleigh run.

Book a demo of Gift & Go.

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