Continuity campaigns have been a staple of casino gifting and reward programs for decades for good reason. They’re valued by both casinos and operators. 

No one wants to leave the casino floor empty handed after a weekend of gameplay. Continuity programs give players the chance to secure a deserved gift for all their efforts, letting them claim a valuable product that makes them feel appreciated, and helps increase customer loyalty. 

That increased loyalty translates into increased revenue for operators. Continuity programs encourage players to stick around after checking out, playing more (and depositing more), increasing their net theo. 

They’re great for player experiences and great for casino revenue. 

But they’re beset by the same traditional challenges that face all casino gifting programs

But with Gift & Go, your casino can instantly overcome these challenges and transform your continuity campaigns overnight.

With Gift & Go’s state-of-the-art gifting software, there’s: 

No need to pre-purchase inventory 

Gift & Go eliminates the need to purchase any products in advance for your continuity giveaways. Say goodbye to the financial risk of buying the wrong gifts and being left with unclaimed rewards. 

No more worrying about what to purchase, no more planning orders months in advance, no more stress about gift inventories.

No need to store or ship

When you don’t need to pre-purchase gift inventory, you don’t need to worry about storage. 

Gift & Go eliminates all the stock, storage and shipping challenges that a continuity campaign might face. There’s no need to find storage space for boxes of products, no need to pay for warehousing costs and no need to deal with fulfilment logistics.

No need to hire more staff

With stock and storage eliminated, the demands on your staff are dramatically reduced too. 

You don’t need to bring in extra help to cope with large giveaways and hundreds of additional players claiming rewards. Gift & Go seamlessly handles all the logistics, so your staff can focus on player hospitality. 

No waiting in lines for players 

Another major challenge with continuity programs is the lines they generate at player reward desks when everyone wants to claim their prizes at the same time. 

Long lines snaking around your casino are not a great look… but with Gift & Go, they’re a thing of the past. 

Because Gift & Go software integrates directly into slot machines, players can claim gifts directly from where they’re playing. Delivered straight to their homes via Amazon, it’s super simple and super effective. 

No rain checks 

The worst possible outcome with any continuity campaign is to run out of the gifts promised to players. 

Understocking is a huge concern for continuity managers, but Gift & Go eliminates that worry overnight. With all gifts shipped directly to players, everyone is guaranteed to get the gift they want, and you won’t need to hand out a single rain check. 

No more limited choice 

Gift & Go transforms your continuity programs because it gives players the kind of gift choice they’ve never experienced before. 

It gives you complete flexibility and control over the gifts you offer as part of your campaigns – with millions of products to choose from. 

It lets players choose the most relevant rewards for them and customise their gift choice – giving them more reasons to play and further driving engagement. 

And it means you can perfectly tailor your continuity campaigns to an extensive range of player demographics, offering high value rewards for high-rollers and lower value rewards for those with a lower average daily theoretical. 

You can even customise gift options by age, gender, shopping preferences and much much more, making sure that your continuity campaigns are as attractive to players as they can possibly be. 

Find out how: 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.

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