New player acquisition is tough. There’s no two ways about it. Costs continue to rise rapidly, and many tried and tested strategies are becoming less and less effective. 

Attracting new players is hard, but it’s not impossible. Far from it. 

With the right channels and the right approach, you can attract more players to your site, encourage them to register, and get them playing. 

There are different tactics and strategies required at different stages. The resources you deploy to encourage player activation will be different from those used on player retention. 

But first, you have to attract those new players to your website and to your platform. 

Here are a few effective strategies to try: 

1. Optimise your paid advertising channels

Google ads. Facebook and Instagram ads. In-app ads. 

Paid advertising is hardly a revolutionary approach to attracting players, but it works. Despite rising costs and more competition than ever before, it still works. 

It’s the quickest, most effective way to get your message – your offer – in front of prospective players, and get them to click onto your site.

But only if you keep on top of it. 

It’s all too easy to set up paid advertising channels and leave them running, burning through your budgets. They’ll attract new players, but they won’t be efficient. To get more from your paid advertising, you need to constantly review and tweak your ad campaigns, optimising at every opportunity. 

You need to split test ad copy, adjust your targeted keywords, try new demographics and regularly monitor performance. 

2. Build a stronger brand 

Whatever the industry, whatever the channel, a strong brand is a surefire way for a business to stand out and attract new customers. iGaming is no different. 

Players are drawn to powerful brands. The more visually attractive your brand, the more likely they are to pay attention. The more memorable your adverts and messaging, the more likely they are to want to learn more. 

Unique brands get more clicks. 

Spend time and effort on developing your brand into one that really stands out, that takes a different position, a different approach, and use that to your advantage to attract more players. 

3. Offer amazing sign-up bonuses 

If you want to really promote a strong brand – and supercharge your paid advertising campaigns – you need an amazing offer. Something that really stands out to grab your prospects’ attention and attract new players to your platform. 

You need a great sign-up bonus. 

Money talks, and if you can offer something to your new players in return for visiting your site and signing up, they’re far more likely to click. It’s as simple as that. 

If your competitors are offering sign-up bonuses too (they are!) – at the very least, you need to match their offer. Ideally, you should be beating it to give new players one more reason to try your gaming platform over someone else’s. 

4. Leverage social media to prove your credentials 

Social media channels are naturally a great place to promote your gaming platform and attract more players, and you should of course focus on putting out engaging, interesting content from all your relevant accounts. 

But there’s only so much you can say from your own accounts without ‘blowing your own trumpet’. 

Instead, focus on leveraging your existing players’ social media to engage new prospects. If you can encourage your players to share their experiences, write reviews, and post screenshots of their successes with their social community, you’ll harness the power of social proof. 

All those potential new prospects in your existing players’ social media network will see the benefits of your platform, they’ll be reassured by real user experiences, and they’ll want to find out more. 

5. Get your existing players to actively refer others 

Asking your players to share their experiences on social media is great, but many of them may ask “What’s in it for me?

They’re likely to want something in return for recommending your platform to their community, which is why player referral programs are so popular. 

And so effective. 

Your existing players are one of your biggest marketing assets, so you should be doing whatever you can to use them – and their experiences – to attract new players. 

A small reward – free spins, free bets or some cash in their account – is a great way to encourage your players to refer friends. The more successful referrals they make, the more rewards they get. 

More importantly, the more new players you gain.


Five great strategies that can all be made even more effective with Gift & Go

All five strategies here will help your iGaming platform attract more players. But all five can be enhanced and improved. All five can attract even more players – with the right rewards from Gift & Go. 

When you have powerful gifting technology at your fingertips – and a simple, streamlined way to run player incentive and rewards programs – you can transform your player acquisition campaigns. 

With Gift & Go, you can: 

Effective player acquisition strategy starts with Gift & Go 

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