If you’re running a gifting campaign with four different reward options – a pair of headphones, a smart watch, a handheld vacuum and an air fryer, for example – then you’d expect the number one reward choice to be the one that most of your players want, right? 

If for example, the air fryer is the most claimed gift, then it’d be reasonable to assume that the majority of your players are most interested in kitchen gadgets… right? 

Maybe not. In reality, just because a product is number one on the list of redeemed gifts, it doesn’t mean that the majority of your players are interested in it. 

Far from it. 

Dig into the percentages of your top sellers 

To understand exactly how popular your individual gifts and rewards are, you need to look at the numbers. 

Gifting software like Gift & Go gives you a complete breakdown of every single product in every campaign so you can see exactly how many gifts were claimed of each type. 

When you know that, you can calculate the percentages of all the gifts claimed during each campaign. 

Let’s take our example from above. 

Out of 1000 gifts claimed:

Although air fryers were the top selling gift, only 35% of players selected them as their preferred option. 65% wanted another type of reward. 

If you were to run another campaign that just promoted air fryers and other related kitchen gadgets, you could be excluding 65% of your players… the majority. 

Don’t fall into that trap.

Extend your range of rewards 

The last thing you want to do with your gift and reward programs is exclude players. You want to engage and attract as many as possible, and to do that, you need a wide range of rewards. 

Because every player is different. Every player wants a different gift. 

The bigger your range of rewards, the more likely that players will find a product they actually want. 

Take a look at some of our most recent continuity campaigns with a leading US casino. 

  1. Around the table promotion – Out of 4,000 total orders, the top seller (a wooden salad bowl set) accounted for just over 1,000 orders. Only 28% of players wanted the number one reward, while 72% chose another item
  2. A bedding-themed promotion – Out of 12,000 total orders, the top selling product (a king-size bed sheet set) only accounted for 8.3% of redemptions. More than 90% of players wanted one of the other 14 products on offer
  3. College sports merchandise offer – Out of 8,000 total orders, the most claimed gift (an Alabama flag) was only redeemed by 5.7% of players. The vast majority – almost 95% of players – chose another product

Why? Because Americans are divided on which college football team they support! We all have individual preferences, we all want different gifts for our homes or different products we’ll find useful. 

We all want choice. 

Give players the gift choice they deserve 

The most effective continuity campaigns and casino gifting programs are driven by choice. 

The more choice you can give players, the more they’ll value their rewards. 

And the more they value their rewards, the more loyalty they’ll have to your casino. 

On average, less than 15% of players claim the top selling product in a gifting and reward campaign. The majority want something else. 

Make sure your players have the biggest possible range of products to choose from for that ‘something else’, and you’ll deliver a superior player reward experience

With Gift & Go’s unique Amazon Business Integration, you can give players the choice of millions of different products. An unbeatable choice. 

See for yourself: 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.


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