The Client - BetFred

First established in 1967, Betfred is well respected within the gaming and gambling industry and has been a prominent high street presence for over 50 years.

They’ve always been at the forefront of new developments in the betting sphere, embracing and expanding their online presence in the UK and the US, alongside their traditional brick and mortar stores. 

But if they wanted to continue to lead the field with player rewards and bonuses, they needed a new approach. 


The Challenge - Staying on top of a fiercely competitive marketplace

Betfred have maintained their position as one of the UK’s ‘Big 4’ bookmakers for decades, thanks to their innovation, their insights, and their technologically savvy reputation. Quick to  adopt emerging technologies and focused on expanding their online and mobile business, they’ve always been aware of challenger brands in a fiercely competitive marketplace. 

With this in mind, Betfred approached us with the aim to create unique, stand-out player reward experiences, to attract new players and build loyalty with their existing customer base. They wanted to maintain Betfred’s status as a customer-favourite gaming platform.   

And of course, living up to their ‘Bonus King’ reputation was essential  for Betfred’s brand strategy. That meant a player reward experience that delivered on all fronts, but most importantly, gave players more gift choice than ever before.

The Solution - State-of-the-art gifting technology in a single, simple platform

Looking to embrace the very latest tech, Betfred turned to their player management system – Playtech – and a brand new integration within it. Gift & Go. 

Gift & Go’s Playtech integration sits directly within Player Journey software, giving Betfred all the tools they needed to transform their player incentives and rewards within their existing ecosystem. 

By combining the power of Amazon Business with the simplicity of Player Journey, Gift & Go opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Betfred, including: 

  • Instant access to millions of gifts, without the need to stock or store them
  • Full access to all user data in Playtech’s IMS, to truly personalise player rewards 
  • Seamless synchronisation of player preferences and behaviour to supercharge marketing incentives
  • Automated triggers for real-time rewards and gifts, based on hundreds of unique scenarios

The Results - Real-time player rewards to boost player acquisition and retention

With a single platform to manage all player rewards, Gift & Go’s Playtech integration gave Betfred the freedom and flexibility to reward players anyway they liked. 

Through the seamless Playtech integration, Gift & Go enabled Betfred to transform their player reward program with fully customisable incentive and retention campaigns. 

With instant access to millions of physical prizes via Amazon Business, Betfred’s campaign managers can now give their players (and prospective players) an unrivaled range of choice. They can offer a huge selection of gifts and rewards – in real time – linked directly to player actions, behaviours and preferences. 

They’re truly personalising and enhancing the player reward experience, cementing their position as an industry leader, and improving player loyalty and player satisfaction. 

They’re securing their reputation as ‘Bonus King’. 

Joe Hall, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Gift & Go said: 

“Betfred are true leaders in the field, a real staple of the British betting industry and we’re really excited to have them onboard with our Playtech integration. They’ll be pushing the limits of what’s possible with our state-of-the-art technology and real time reward software, and we can’t wait to see how they transform their player reward experience.”

With Amazon’s preferred gifting, incentives and rewards partner, there’s a better way to say thank you.

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