Optimisation. Automation. Streamlined usability.

They’re all buzzwords you’ll probably be familiar with. They’re the terminology, the strategies and the processes you’ll regularly deploy to improve your gaming platform and deliver a better player experience. 

To encourage players to keep playing, optimise your operational efficiencies and get better results across your organisation, you deploy streamlined, automated technology wherever  you can.

So why do so many gaming companies still rely on manual processes for their player rewards and incentives? 

Manual processes waste your team’s time

If your team members are doing something that software can do automatically, then they’re wasting their time. Pure and simple. 

Manual ordering processes can mean multiple staff members have to get online (or on the phone) every week, to request new shipments of all their required rewards. Each week, every week. 

Then they have to sort through deliveries of rewards. They have to pack them away neatly into warehouses or shelf space. And they need to pull them out again, organise packaging, arrange shipping and make sure they’re actually delivered to each of your players. 

This is a huge time commitment, but it doesn’t need to be…

Manual processes require more storage space 

If you are manually ordering gifts and rewards and having them shipped in bulk to your organisation, you also need to find somewhere to put them all. 

That means storage space. Either on-site in your offices, or in dedicated off-site warehouses.

Either way, it requires a lot of effort. It takes time and money. 

And it’s massively inefficient. But it doesn’t need to be… 

Manual processes increase your operational costs 

That warehousing space? It costs money. The time your team spends on organising player rewards, on managing redemption claims, on finding rewards and arranging delivery… that costs money. 

Then there’s the fulfilment costs. The packaging, the shipping fees, the tracking. And there’s still customer service costs to consider, to make sure your players are happy with their delivered reward. 

It’s a big expense for your organisation, but it doesn’t need to be… 

Manual processes deliver a poorer experience for your players 

Sometimes, when you’re focused on delivering an outstanding experience to customers or players, a personal touch – or a manual process – is needed to give you that extra oversight and control. 

But that’s not the case with player rewards. Manual ordering usually means your team is stuck making ‘best guess decisions’ on the kinds of rewards your players want. They don’t know for sure. 

It means players end up with a limited choice of rewards. A less-than-optimal reward experience. But they don’t need to…

Manual processes limit your global reach 

If your team is stuck manually packing and shipping player rewards themselves, there’s only so much they can do. They’ll struggle to sort, label, and arrange delivery for hundreds of rewards every week to hundreds of countries around the world. 

Which means your gaming company cannot scale effectively. You can’t expand your player base or target new global markets if your player reward program can’t keep up because of your manual processes. 

Those manual processes are holding you back from growth, but they don’t need to…

So ditch them

Ditch your manual processes and automate your player reward program with Gift & Go

Your player reward program doesn’t need to deal with big time commitments, annoying storage issues or expensive operational costs. It doesn’t need to deliver ‘best guess’ rewards or sub-par user experiences. 

And it certainly shouldn’t be holding you back from scaling your operations around the world. 

It won’t. Not when you replace your manual processes with Gift & Go. 

With Gift & Go you can streamline the ordering process with just a few clicks at the start of your campaign. And you can automate the entire reward fulfilment process so your team never has to get ‘hands-on’ with physical rewards. 

You don’t have to worry about storage costs or operational inefficiencies. You can give your players the choice of rewards most relevant to them, from a huge range of options, without your team ever having to manually order anything. 

And you can be certain that your player reward program can scale with your business, delivering rewards to players in over one hundred different countries at the click of a button. 

That’s the beauty of automated, optimised gifting software that delivers a simple, seamless, streamlined player (and employee) experience, every time. 

See how ditching manual reward processes could transform your gaming company. 

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.


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