Attracting new players to your gaming platform is no easy task. Certainly not when prices are rising everywhere – whether that’s the cost of goods or the cost of Google. 

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck paying more and more to find and attract new players.  

With the right strategies, and the right incentive software, you can reduce those player acquisition costs. 

The right incentive software helps you: 

1. Get noticed by more players

Get more for less. That should be the goal of any acquisition campaign. 

Attract more players with your incentives, without increasing your advertising spend, and your cost per acquisition (CPA) goes down. 

Reaching more prospects without increasing pay per click budgets, marketing production and other media spend could be a difficult task… unless you have the software that makes your incentives irresistible. 

If you can offer incentives that cut through the noise of all the other rewards and sign up bonuses that are out there, you’ll stand out against your competition and get noticed by more players. 

Software like Gift & Go helps you do just that. Instead of the typical incentives offered by gaming platforms, like free bets, free spins or bog-standard gifts, you can choose millions of incentives from Amazon Business’ huge catalogue. 

2. Target players with more relevant incentives

That quick, simple access to millions of Amazon Prime products also means you can target different types of players with different kinds of incentives. 

The more relevant your incentive, the more likely your prospect will sign up. 

When you target players with the real, relevant incentives that they’ll actually value, you’ll make your advertising budgets go further and increase your conversions. 

You’ll say goodbye to catch-all, generic incentive marketing that typically has low conversion rates. 

And by increasing conversion rates on the same budget – you’ll lower your CPA.

3. Stop overspending on unclaimed gifts

One of the main culprits for rising customer acquisition costs is the price of paying for incentives upfront. 

If you’re running a traditional incentive marketing campaign and not using cost-effective, operations-efficient software, you’ll probably find you have to make ‘best guesses’ about the types of incentives prospective players might want. 

You have to order in bulk, in advance. 

And you have to hope that all those incentives will be redeemed, because any unclaimed gifts are wasted money. 

More often than not, you won’t accurately guess what your players want. You’ll sell out of one type of incentive and be left with boxes of another. 

But if you’re using incentive marketing software like Gift & Go, you won’t need to purchase incentives in advance. You won’t need to buy in bulk. You offer a huge range of incentives, and prevent overspending by setting clear budgets and only paying for gifts when they’re claimed by your new players. 

4. Cut operations costs

Another big cost of manual customer acquisition programs is the price of inefficient operations: unnecessary admin time, storage and shipping. 

If you’re manually processing physical gifts and incentives, you’re wasting your staff’s time. If you’re paying for storage – on-site or off-site – you’re wasting your budget. And if you’re arranging shipping and delivery, you’re wasting both your staff’s time on unnecessary admin and your budget on costly packaging and postage fees. 

But if you can streamline all these operations, you’ll instantly reduce your budget and lower your CPA. 

The right incentive software – software like Gift & Go – can transform your operations, so your staff never have to deal with physical gifts and you never have to pay for storage. 

5. Keep players for longer

But if you really want to lower your player cost per acquisition, along with increasing budgets, streamlining operations and making your ad spend go further, you need to keep players for longer. 

If you can double or treble the time a player stays with you – and keeps spending, that player’s value increases dramatically. And if players are more valuable, you can afford to spend more to attract them. 

Or you keep your budgets the same, knowing that players will stay for longer and increase your revenue, lowering the relative cost of your acquisition efforts. 

To keep players playing, you need to build player loyalty

You need incentive software that can also support a highly effective player reward program. 

You need Gift & Go. 

See how it could help your gaming platform reduce your player acquisition costs.

Apply for a free trial or book a demo and claim your free gift.

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