Bigger & Better: Gift & Go’s new dynamic Amazon catalogue

27th January 2022

Rewarding your customers is just like shopping on Amazon With Gift & Go’s latest update, a new dynamic Amazon catalogue experience has been created in direct partnership with Amazon Business.  During the last year, we’ve…

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The 5 essential metrics to monitor for your customer acquisition marketing

27th January 2022

Do you know exactly how well your customer acquisition marketing is performing? To really get to grips with customer acquisition, you’ll need to track a range of essential metrics that go far beyond the number of new customers onboarded that week.

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The 6 best incentives and rewards to tie in with the 2022 Winter Olympics

24th January 2022

The Winter Olympics is never short on drama, and your customers will be tuning in to make sure they don’t miss out on all of the excitement of this year’s event.

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How to prepare your incentive marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day

14th January 2022

If you’re running an incentive marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day, Gift & Go looks at how to get all your incentives ready for a Valentine’s themed campaign.

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The top gifts, incentives and rewards for 2022

4th January 2022

If you’re looking forward to making 2022 your biggest and best year yet, you’ll know you need to focus on customer acquisition and retention.  You’ll know you need to do something different to get noticed,…

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Manual vs Digital – The Costs of Incentive Marketing

20th December 2021

Undertaking a reward or incentive marketing campaign isn’t something you’ll embark on lightly, not least because of the cost. Making sure you have the right gifts, the right software and the right set-up doesn’t come…

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5 Reasons to Manage Your Own Gifting Campaign

16th December 2021

When you set up a new incentive marketing programme for your organisation, you’re typically faced with two immediate options:  Do you go it alone and manage your own rewards, incentives and gifting campaigns?  Or do…

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Playtech Joins The Gift & Go Platform

8th December 2021

Gifting technology provider Gift & Go has recently welcomed Playtech, the world’s leading gambling technology company, to its innovative new platform. Playtech is a true market leader in the gambling and financial trading industries. With…

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The 8 worst ‘consolation’ prizes and rewards to avoid in your incentive marketing

6th December 2021

When it comes to incentive marketing for customer acquisition and retention, not all rewards are created equal.  It might seem like an obvious point, but incentive marketing is supposed to incentivise your prospects. To convince…

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How to use the power of Amazon to attract and retain customers for your Telecoms business

22nd November 2021

Whether you’re selling broadband or mobile phones, the Telecoms industry is cutthroat. Competition is fierce and customers are ruthless. With hundreds of deals to choose from – including new offers and incentives added on a…

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7 Reasons to Avoid Gift Cards If You Want to Win and Keep More Customers

16th November 2021

When it comes to incentive marketing, there are lots of different ways to attract new customers and boost the loyalty of your existing ones. In fact, we identified 12 different types of incentives in our…

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Get Your Incentive Marketing Started With Our Free Ultimate Guide

12th November 2021

The competition for your customers’ attention – and loyalty – has never been fiercer. Marketplaces are crowded, advertising costs are rocketing and prospects are savvier than ever.  They know to shop around to find the…

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